Who are Some of the Greatest MMA Fighters of All Time?

Who are Some of the Greatest MMA Fighters of All Time?

MMA fights are rising in popularity around the world. As more and more people learn about this sport and what it can offer players, there will be a need to highlight the careers of some of the best players who have ever graced the sport. Here are some of the best fighters to ever step in the ring.

Georges “Rush” St Pierre

St Pierre is a middleweight fighter from Quebec, Canada. He is thought to have earned over $2 million in his career, with his last fight taking place in November of 2017. With a 13 win streak and 26 wins under his belt at the pro MMA level, his skills are no joke. He frequently picked up Fighter of the Year awards, and he will always be remembered as a brilliant fighter.

John “Bones” Jones

Hailing from New York, USA but fighting out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Jones is a light heavyweight who is thought to have pulled in around $4 million. As an active fighter, you should be able to find out more about when he is next playing and his odds of winning on this site. With his current win streak sitting at a comfortable 17, he is a fantastic player all around.

Anderson “The Spider” Silva

Silva has a background in Muay Thai that helps to make him a force to be reckoned with in the ring. He is still taking on opponents at the age of 45 and he has 34 wins under his belt at the pro MMA level. Standing at 6’2” and with a reach of 77.5”, anyone going up against this veteran is definitely going to have their work cut out for them during the fight.

Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson

Johnson stands at 5’3” but don’t let that fool you, this lightweight fighter has most definitely earned his place amongst the great players of this sport. He has 30 wins under his belt and has been named as one of the greatest MMA grapplers of all time. He always proves to be a fan favourite when he steps into the ring for a match.

“The Last Emperor” Fedor Emelianenko

This heavyweight Russian was born in the Ukrainian SSR and has had 39 wins on the pro MMA circuit. He fights with Sambo as his foundation style, and is thought to have earned over $1 million in his career so far. He also frequently appears across skill lists and other publications that help cement him both as a great player and a popular one.

Some players have long and prosperous careers while others burn bright and fast. However, there is a chance that history can be made every time they step into the ring. The above players are just some of the great names that we can see when we take a look amongst rankings, and there are so many more out there too. MMA is one of those sports that always has someone willing to step up and deliver an amazing performance.

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