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Wotore 3 Adds Karol Grzesiuk and Damian Bury to Return Card

The Norewgian promotion, Wotore, is a bare knuckle Vale Tudo fight promotion. The promotion has announced the first fight on their new card, Wotore 3. With two cards under their belt already, the promotion puts on the most brutal fighting there is. The promotion has pyrotechnics, battle drums and an overall viking theme that is a spectacle to see.

Wotore 3, which takes place on September 19th, has added a titan of a fight to it’s card. Karol Grzesiuk and Damian Bury have agreed to fight on the card. The two weigh in at around 290 pounds and have a 78 inch reach.

In addition to Grzesiuk and Bury, the promotion announced there will be a new international tournament, improved fighting rules and battle arena at Wotore 3. The winner will get a check for 50,000 PLN, a little over $13,000 USD.

The Wotore 3 Class

Karol Grzesiuk competed at Wotore 2 and went 1-1. The first fight was a win over Piotr Kurowski in a 9:37 fight. He won that fight with relentless ground and pound. The second fight saw him put out of the tournament with a loss to Kacper Miklasz. He lost that fight at only 1:19 via achilles lock.

On the other side of the matchup, Damian Bury lost two fights at Wotore 2. His first was a TKO at 3:43 to Michal Pasternak. The two rematched not long after and he lost at 0:37 via heel hook.

Again, Wotore 3 takes place on September 19th, likely in Poland. The first two events can be seen in it’s entierty on the Wotore YouTube channel. Fans of Bare Knuckle FC and WLC and even the original UFC events would absolutely enjoy this form of combat.

Stay posted to My MMA News as more info comes out about Wotore 3 as the tournament fills out, fights are announced and other news comes in. Thanks for reading!

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