11 hour roll, eleventh hour rescue

11 hour roll to raise $11,000 for Eleventh Hour Rescue

Chris Civello, owner of Sakura BJJ in Dover, New Jersey, and black belt under Marcelo Garcia, will be putting his love for jiu jitsu to the test as he helps create an awareness for a local charity.  He will be rolling 11 straight hours in hopes to raise $11,000 for Eleventh Hour Rescue, a volunteer based, non profit, 501c3 organization in northern New Jersey that saves dogs and cats from death row.

“I am trying to break it down to 22, 30 minute rounds give or take. I will need partners non stop through out the day. Please share this event! Lets come together as a community to hit this big goal for a big cause,” Civello wrote on Facebook.

When asked how he will prepare or deal with rolling for 11 straight hours with the absence of water or bathroom breaks and fatigue setting in, Civello said:

“I’m not too sure how it will go. I’m sure it’s going to be rough. I figure I’ll have food out to run and take a bite of here and there. Same with water. Bathroom…I’m hoping things will shut down for the duration. Fatigue I am just going to have to power through. I don’t think you can get ready for this. You just do it.”

The BJJ blackbelt says the event will be conducted in memory of Annmarie Camp Hernandez, mother of his good friend, Jay.

“She absolutely love animals,” Civello said.  “I think it will be special if he and I can walk the check up to Eleventh Hour Rescue, together.”

The event will be streamed live on the Sakura BJJ Facebook page here.

Sakura BJJ is located at 87 Bassett Hwy, Dover, NJ 07801. Visit Sakura BJJ on the web here.

11 hour roll, Eleventh Hour Rescue


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