Andrei Arlovski

A Revitalized Arlovski outscores Newcomer Lins

What an impressive performance by Andrei Arlovski! The UFC heavyweight veteran came to fight day in shape and ready to battle three rounds with UFC heavyweight newcomer Philipe Lins.  Here is the breakdown.

Round 1:

Lins comes out strong in round one using his superior speed to land early and often on the veteran. Arlovski looks composed, calm and in shape…best he’s look in a while. Lins used his impressive hooks and uppercuts to form various combinations that landed on Arvloski. Lins chooses to throw leg kicks consistently in effort to slow the UFC veteran down. Lins is lookg like a future heavyweight prospect and he continues to pepper Arlovski with hooks and uppercuts. Speed was the difference and Lins wins round one.

Round 2:

Arvloski came to life this round and began landing his own significant strikes while avoiding Lins combinations and power shots. The highlight of the round was an accidental groin kick by Lins to Arlovski which caused a short pause in action. After recovering, the former UFC heavyweight champion resumed in slowing down the pace of the fight using his superior height and experience to bait Lins while landing steady shots. Lins lands a flurry in the second half of the round that causes Andrei to switch stances. Arlovski resumes his game plan and wins round two by out striking the UFC newcomer.

Round 3:

Much of the same as round two. Lins continues to throw leg kicks and try to leg overhands rights on Arlovski to shut the lights. The Belarusian continues to land accurate straights and hooks to keep Lins at bay. Arlovski certainly looks like the fresher fighter and is able to keep the pace of the fight at his choosing. Lins is visibly more tired than Arlovski. Andrei closes the round out by out striking Lins yet again. Round three to the former UFC Heavyweight Champion.


Results: Arlovski wins via unanimous decision in a very impressive and rejuvenating performance.


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