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Alistair Overeem has gone vegetarian – “I got no desire to eat meat anymore”

Alistair Overeem looks much different these days.  No longer is the big man pushing 265+ pounds who claimed to eat horse meat.

The 43-year-old “Ubereem” who once ruled the UFC heavyweight division, although never winning the promotion’s title recently appeared on a morning show in Dubai where he discussed his dramatic weight loss.

“I’ve been doing a lot of new things for health,” Overeem said. “This is my next chapter, promoting health.

“I became a vegetarian also. I got no desire to eat meat anymore,” Overeem revealed. “Meat is not good for you. It negatively affects you. Yes, it tastes delicious. Even now I could still eat meat, but I just choose not to.”

Overeem, who saw the ruling in his most recent fight, a trilogy bout against Badr Hari, overturned was suspended 1-year following the discovery of a banned substance in his system.

In October 2022, “The Demolition Man” Overeem fought Hari for a third time in his professional combat sports career. Both men had a win a piece going into the contest, and it was Overeem who would come out on top by way of unanimous decision in the trilogy bout at GLORY Collision 4.

Although the substance for which Overeem’s violation stems from has not been revealed, GLORY did confirm that both of the A and B sample taken from the fighter came back positive.

Overeem would essentially retire from the sport claims that he found a nutritionist to help keep him in shape and start this new process.

“I started doing detoxing. I have this special nutritionist,” Overeem said (HT: Middle Easy). “When I met him, I instantly knew this guy has knowledge so we started working and I started taking these supplements — spirulina, coralline and kelp — every morning in a reasonably high dosage… and after a couple of weeks, my diet, my appetite changed.

“‘You had parasites in your body,’” Overeem recalled his new nutritionist tell him.

“This creates an alkaline environment which these parasites do not like. They will get hurt and die off. And once you get rid of them, your tastes change. It’s not me who needs to eat meat, it’s the parasites that influence me. They work through me to make me think I want to eat meat, but it’s not me and once you get rid of them, you don’t care.

“If I eat meat, yes it’s delicious, but then these parasites come in my system. They’re gonna move around and do their thing and then all the other things will become less healthy. This (bag of nuts) doesn’t create acidity. Meat does, sugar does.”

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