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Amber Brown on bringing out the old “Bully”

Former Invicta FC atomweight title challenger, Amber “The Bully” Brown is moving up to strawweight and the timing couldn’t have worked out better as it has led to her being placed in the alternate bout for the strawweight title tournament at Phoenix Rising 1.

What was your thoughts on getting offered this opportunity?

“I’m just so grateful and thankful that they thought I was a good candidate for it. They messaged me and I’m excited. I’m going to go all out. Like, it’s only one round so I’m going to go all out. It’s going to be very exciting, the possibility to fight more, prepping myself to fight more, not only one round. I’ll be ready for whatever.”

How do you prepare for a one-round fight, but with that possibility of fighting up five-rounds over a several hour time frame?

“It’s kind of different than what I’m used to, but one thing that’s cool is that I’m at 115-pounds. I don’t have to deplete myself. I can stay strong and train hard all the way up to the end. Intense like just getting my lungs opened up, cause it’s gonna be five minutes of fast paced action. So, you train hard and then we’ll take like a little break, because I know if I do proceed in the tournament, there’s gonna be a break, who knows how long it will be. Then you have to go and hit it hard again. So, I’ll get my sparring in and then take like a little break, go and hit mitts, run at the end of the night, so it’s kind of like split up throughout the day.”

Brown also said that to find success she’ll need to go be to her old ways.

“Just being the old Amber Brown that I used to be. Just ruthless and relentless and being a bully. You know, I haven’t brought out that side of me in a few fights. I’ve been having, lost four of my last five fights. So, I need to bring back the old Amber Brown and be relentless and just being mean.”

Invicta FC Phoenix Rising

Fight card:

TBD vs. TBD – strawweight tournament final
Kay Hansen (4-2) vs. Magdaléna Šormová (7-1)
TBD vs. TBD – strawweight tournament semifinal
TBD vs. TBD – strawweight tournament semifinal
Amber Brown (7-5) vs. Manjit Kolekar (11-2) – strawweight tournament reserve bout
MIZUKI (13-5) vs. Sharon Jacobson (5-4) – strawweight tournament quarterfinal
Janaisa Morandin (10-2) vs. Brianna Van Buren (5-2) – strawweight tournament quarterfinal
Danielle Taylor (10-4) vs. Juliana Lima (9-5) – strawweight tournament quarterfinal
Kailin Curran (4-6) vs. Sunna Davidsdottir (3-0) – strawweight tournament quarterfinal
Alyssa Krahn (5-2) vs. Itzel Esquivel (4-2) – strawweight tournament reserve bout