Anderson Silva still pushing for fights with Conor McGregor and Roy Jones

Back in October, there was some talk of a potential fight between Anderson Silva and Conor McGregor. Though, it didn’t make much sense as they are multiple weight classes apart. But now, in this recent interview from TMZ Sports, we see that ‘The Spider’ still wants this fight and is willing to meet at a catchweight to make it happen.

“I say let’s go do it. 180 is the perfect weight for me. I think it’s good for McGregor, and let’s go do it because that’s amazing. That’s for the fans,” Silva told TMZ.

Although, as previously stated, Silva is the much larger man here and is clearly a legend of the sport. However, he is also 43-years-old and hasn’t been performing quite like he used to. At a 180 catchweight, this fight could be interesting and would certainly do big numbers on PPV.

Silva continued, “It’s close to happening you know, but McGregor, come on, man. Let’s go do this. Don’t run, man, don’t run. You scared? I don’t believe that you’re scared, let’s go.”

While this fight would surely be one for the ages between two great fighters, Silva already has a big fight coming up. He’s fighting Israel Adesanya on February 10 at UFC 234. Israel will be a very tough fight for Anderson but really, a fight with McGregor could still happen afterward, win or lose.

Also in the interview, Silva talks about another ‘super fight’ that’s also more spectacle than sport. A fight that sources say was close to happening years back when Silva was in his prime – Roy Jones Jr. In boxing, that is.

“It’s not about fighting, it’s about (the) dream. I’m a big fan of Roy Jones and I know he’s old. But that’s my dream.”

Which fight would you rather see – Silva vs. Roy Jones Jr. or Silva vs. McGregor?

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