Angela Lee - "I’ve faced world-class strikers in my career, and never once was I afraid"

Angela Lee: “She’s fought her way to the number one contender position and now it’s time to meet each other in a cage.”

The main event of ONE X is a massive strawweight bout between Stamp Fairtex and Angela Lee. Already a former champion and stepping away to become a mother, Lee looks to reclaim her title from Stamp who won the vacant title against Ritu Phogat at the end of 2021.

During ONE X media day, Angela Lee talked about the fight, what it means for her going forward and more.

Angela Lee: Biggest fight of her career

While Lee was the champion and claimed the title once before, she believes that this fight with Fairtex is the biggest one yet for her. Angela Lee says she’s aware of what Stamp Fairtex brings to the table but that doesn’t deter her. This isn’t Muay Thai, it’s mixed martial arts. While she believes Stamp is deserving of the shot, she’s hopeful to get it done.

“This is definitely the biggest fight of my career. You know, by far, I mean, she has her credentials. She’s a World Champion as well. And the striking arts, but, you know, mixed martial arts is a whole new game. But yeah, she’s a dangerous opponent. She’s fought her way to the number one contender position and now it’s time to meet each other in a cage.”

In the leadup to some of her fights, Lee has had to deal with the trash talk from her opponents but not Stamp. Lee is on the same side of the fence as Stamp for that topic and thinks a fight should stay professional despite any circumstances. It’s about putting on a showcase for your skills.

“I appreciate it. I do appreciate it. I honestly don’t think there’s no need for that. This is a professional sport, and we’re keeping it professional. It’s different, you know, people usually have a lot of animosity or they like to hype up the fight and it’s always in a negative way. But, you know, we’re hyping up the fight in our own way. You know, with respect and or letting our skills speak for itself.”

Looking back to her fight with Jingnan Xiong, it’s easy to see similarities. Lee says that while there are similarities on the surface, but Lee sees some key differences in both Xiong and Stamp.

“I think they’re both dangerous strikers. I’d say Xiong is more heavily based on the boxing but I see Stamp is stronger with their kicks and the clinch.”


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