CM Punk gets next opponent, faces Mike Jackson in Chicago

Anthony Pettis gives update on CM Punk and his potential return to MMA

CM Punk decided to crossover from WWE to the UFC with no prior experience. And, as many expected it did not go well as he went 0-2 and has not fought, or had a fight booked since his last fight back in June of 2018. However, that does not mean CM Punk is done. As his training partner in Anthony Pettis explains, he is still in the gym training.

“CM Punk is still there [at Roufusport],” Pettis told TMZ. “He’s doing more of the jiu jitsu, the rolling. The time that he should have spent getting ready to fight is what he’s doing now. They put a lot of pressure on him. They made him come over with no experience and fight on the biggest stage. I don’t know anybody that could do that. Not even some young kids.

“He is still training,” Pettis continued. “I don’t know what his plan is. I know he’s doing some movies and a couple other things, but I don’t know if he plans on fighting again or what. He’s still training. He’s in the gym. That dude’s a hard worker.”

Although CM Punk went 0-2 in the UFC and has received tons of backlash for his efforts, Pettis knows not many people could do what he did. Rather, Pettis knows how good CM Punk is and respects him for trying to fight at the highest level.

“Not many people could do what he did. It’s on the biggest stage. He fought some good guys too. It’s not like he’s fighting scrubs. He fought some good guys in the UFC. He’s training with killers. He’s training with me, [Tyron] Woodley. He comes in day after day, and he’s getting his butt kicked, but he keeps coming back and showing up. I give him props no matter what. He did it.”

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