Anthony Romero says White’s criticism ‘lit a fire, I feel bad for the next guy’

The Canadian undefeated prospect is staying ready, knows the future is bright.

A week since being the only victor on Week 4 of the Contender Series (DWCS) to not be awarded a contract, Anthony Romero (8-0) is currently quarantining back in Canada. A decision by Dana White questioned by many, Romero was the only winner not invited to the UFC contract party at the Apex, but the 23 year old isn’t worried about his future. Romero spoke to MyMMANews about the emotions that came with disappointment even after a huge victory.

“I’m good, I’m good,” Romero told MyMMANews. “I’m enjoying life, in life you can’t dwell on the past, so I’m happy and looking to get ready for the next one. No hard feelings, can’t argue with the boss, my boss eventually.”

It was in week five of DWCS that White announced there would be another season of Contender Series in November, and offering numerous fighters the chance to come back and compete once again on the show. Romero at 8-0, and coming off a win over Mike Breeden on the show, is definitely a name that should be considered for returning. When asked if Romero had a message for White, Romero is looking to turn White’s frown upside down.

“I’m turning that frown upside down,” Romero laughed. “You’re [Dana White] going to be super impressed for the next performance. I take that criticism and I don’t hate him for it,” Romero continued. “His job is to get the top performers in the world and if that was a good performance the next one will be great, it lit a fire, I feel bad for the next guy.”

The Contender Series has long been a show focused on finishing fights. Each fighter is looking to impress Dana White as he sits only a few feet away from the action. Listed as one of the ‘most UFC ready’ by many media members, Romero also had a super tough draw in Mike Breeden. Romero spoke on the toughness of Breeden, and the stigma of needing a finish on DWCS.

“Yes and no,” Romero responded. “I feel like it does sometimes, then sometimes you see guys go to decision sometimes even just laying on someone and then they get a contract. One week Dana’s on vacation and gives 5 contracts, then one week he will give only one,” Romero continued.

As for Mike Breeden, Romero had high praise for his opponent after a three round war which saw Breeden essentially finish the fight on one leg.

“So tough,” Romero said about Breeden. “I chopped his legs out, my legs are feeling it I can’t imagine his. He’s super tough, I have nothing but respect for him, and he put on a great fight.”

As for what is next for Anthony Romero, he is going to stay ready for a short notice opportunity as the lightweights get busy in the months to come for the UFC. Romero is not opposed to Bellator calling him, but the money would have to be right, at the end of the day his goal is the UFC.

Watch the full interview in the video above as Romero speaks on the Contender Series, what is next, how he is spending quarantine and much more!


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