Arena Combat To Debut in U.S., August 9

Arena Combat To Debut in U.S., August 9

Mixed martial arts has finally made it into the main spot light. ESPN, Yahoo sports, Fox sports, and many other main sports news sites now cover both the UFC and Bellator FC.

What can promoters do next to continue the push of MMA? Some have tried MMA skydiving, five-on-five fights where each team eliminates each other at once, and now this, Arena Combat.

The scene looks like a spin from American Gladiators with an obstacle course, and it is a two-on-two match up.

On Saturday, August 9 in Bristol, Virginia, Arena Combat will make its debut on US soil. Eryk Anders (8-3-1 amateur record) and Marcel Stamps (3-0 amateur record), will compete against Russian mixed martial artists who have competed on this show.

Stamps and Anders are former university of Alabama football stars, now pursuing a career in mixed martial arts in a unique way. Below is a video clip of a previous Arena Combat event.


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