Aspen Ladd

Aspen Ladd responds to Miesha Tate after former champ blasts her for missing weight

Aspen Ladd has responded to Miesha Tate.

Ladd was supposed to fight Macy Chiasson last Saturday at UFC Vegas 38 but at weigh-ins, Ladd missed weight again and the fight was off. The bantamweight contender then took to social media to release a lengthy statement on the situation.

“At this point it sounds like a broken record… But my fights off. I take complete and full responsibility for not making weight. It’s well documented that I’ve had issues with weight cuts in the past not just as a female but in general,” Ladd wrote on social media. “There are times where you think that you do everything right and then mother nature comes into play but bottom line is you’ve got to prepare for anything and everything. I thought that I had. I wish that I had the knowledge and the experience of seasoned fighters yeah I’m nine and one, 10 fights in my professional career and it’s something that I’m getting better. That I should be better at, but I commit to be better at as I move forward.

“I make no excuses only apologies to the UFC who has invested so much in me, to the matchmakers, to my opponent, to my fans and supporters, to my family, but most of all to my team,” Ladd continued. “Who sacrifice so much for a chance at a win inside of an octagon. For a fight camp that normally last 3 months in this case 5 months comes down to 1 pound. I can only say I apologize and I have to do better. I’ll be better. There are no other options.. as I love this sport and I want to continue to do what I love and be the best… Again I’m sorry. I will be better!”

After she released the statement, Tate then took to social media to blast Ladd as the two have taken shots at one another in the past as Ladd has accused Tate of ducking her.

“It’s one thing to miss weight, it’s another thing to try and cheat the scale and use every excuse in the book to not weigh in properly. Everyone saw you cheat and still came in a lb over. I bet you were every bit of 139… She was acting like she couldn’t put both of her hands up in the air w/out shaking violently (making it impossible to get an accurate weight) even though she had been standing just fine on there prior. She needed 2 hold the inside of the curtain rods in hopes of taking lbs off,” Tate wrote on social media.

To no surprise, Aspen Ladd responded to Miesha Tate where she had nothing bad to say and complimented the pioneer.

“U R a champ, a pioneer in mma,I hav a great deal of respect for u.Bottom line is I didn’t make it. there is documented history struggles. 1lb or 10lb the bottom line is I didn’t get it done. taking control to rectify the situation. I will not engage w/ neg this has brought,” Ladd responded.

Currently, there is no word on when Aspen Ladd will fight again or if she will move up a weight class. Tate, meanwhile, is set to headline a card against Ketlen Vieira.

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