Bellator 261 Post Fight Press

Photo credit to Bellator MMA/ Lucas Noonan

Bellator 261 Post-Fight Press ft Soren Bak, Corey Samuels, and Jaylon Bates

These are your Bellator 261 Post-Fight Press Conference actualities per My MMA News.

Bellator 261 Post-Fight Press

Soren Bak excerpt

I was just curious because there was the very robust Viking war cry after the fight there.

Can you talk about the importance of the Viking lineage in the bloodline, because you seemed pretty passionate there?

“Yeah, So like when you get the nickname like mine The True Viking. It’s not something that you just take for yourself, it’s something you earn. So my MMA club started competing and we call ourselves True Vikings. And the name was kind of a giveaway. I started MMA at that club when I was 15 years old. So the name, coming from that and it really made a big impact on me and how I ended up growing up.”

Corey Samuels excerpt

I saw on some of the information aggregators that Lightning Wolf is your nickname.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask the backstory on that there.

“My grandfather gave it to me. I was always so quick to do everything. ”

Jaylon Bates excerpt

I’m just curious because when I spoke to you after your last fight after you got that one arm guillotine, you were saying, ‘Oh, it’s actually much prettier in practice.’

What were your thoughts on the armbar tonight? Is it generally prettier in practice or is that picture-perfect form there?

“Honestly, I was going for an even more crucial armbar than that. But he ended up rolling and I couldn’t lock in the arm the way I wanted to. When he was down and on his knees, I was just going to have the armbar right there and finish it right there. But I lost the position, you know. In this fight, timing is everything. So it was a short moment but I lost it. But we still got the finish of that armbar. ”

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