Big Nog Accepts UFC Talent Scout Job

Big Nog Accepts UFC Talent Scout Job

Big Nog Accepts UFC Talent Scout Job

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, better known as Minotauro or Big Nog, may have had his last mixed martial arts bout inside the UFC octagon last weekend at UFC 190 after dropping a unanimous decision to Stefan Struve.  UFC President Dana White stated that he would rather offer Big Nog a desk position with the organization than have him fight once more.

“I’m done. I don’t want to see him fight anymore,” White said. “The guy has been in – just the battles in PRIDE that he’s been in, let alone the fights that he’s fought in the UFC. He is one of the most respected fighters in the world by other fighters, let alone by fans, and I like him very much too.”

According to Nogueira, he has accepted the offer.

Big Nog spoke recently with Brazil’s Portal do Vale Tudo, and said he had accepted a talent scouting job with the UFC, but remained uncertain about retirement.

“He showed interest in me working with the UFC in finding new talents, which is something I already do, some kind of scout,” said Nogueira, as transcribed by Lucas Rezende for Bloody Elbow. “I accepted, but I will keep training and I haven’t said if I will retire or not. The fight ended recently, I will still think about what I will do next. I like to train and I love the atmosphere of a camp. When people ask me what I like to do the most, I tell them it’s training, to perfect an armbar or whatever, I like to wake up and have a goal.”

“One of the things I would think about doing before I hang up my gloves (to fight Frank Mir). When we coached The Ultimate Fighter together, he was really harsh with his athletes, he likes to look tough. He’s inconsistent, he had four losses in a row before winning his last two.”

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