Darren Till

Bisping believes Kelvin Gastelum is ‘tough’ and ‘ballsy’ fight for Darren Till

When Darren Till makes his middleweight debut he will take on Kelvin Gastelum who just fought for the interim middleweight champion. It will no doubt be a tough fight for the Englishman who is on a two-fight losing streak.

For Michael Bisping, he agrees and thinks this is a really tough fight for Darren Till that is a big risk/big reward fight. If he wins he will be a top-five middleweight while if he loses he is now on a three-fight losing streak.

“Gastelum [is] no joke, tough fight,” Bisping said on his Believe You Me podcast. “Middleweight for Darren Till, that’s the right thing to do. Going down and killing yourself getting down to 170 isn’t a smart thing to do. But it is a tough fight. It’s a ballsy fight for Darren Till because if he beats Gastelum, he’s an immediate contender at 185. But if he loses to Gastelum, he’ll have lost three in a row. So there’s a lot to gain and there’s a lot to lose. There really is.

“Three in a row, I mean Darren Till’s got no fear of this, but three in a row sometimes people can get cut,” Bisping continued. “They’ll be out of the organization. Till won’t. He’s exciting, he’s got a massive following, he’s a huge star so he’s fine. But still, three in a row isn’t good for stock.”

If Darren Till loses as Michael Bisping says, he could risk his job in the UFC which most likely won’t happen. There is no question the Englishman needs this win after being submitted to Tyron Woodley and knocked out to Jorge Masvidal.
But, for Kelvin Gastelum, the fight is crucial for him as he needs to keep his spot atop the division and try and earn a crack at the title.

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