BKFC 19 results Paige VanZant vs Rachael Ostovich

BKFC 19 results: Paige VanZant vs. Rachael Ostovich – LIVE STREAM

A rematch between to former UFC flyweights Paige VanZant and Rachael Ostovich will headline BKFC 19 on Friday, July 23.

VanZant will maker her second BKFC appearance as she welcomes Ostovich to the promotion at Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, Florida. The women are taking over as Bare Knuckle veteran, Hart, meets Jenny Savage.

Paige VanZant vs. Rachael Ostovich Preview

VanZant tapped Ostovich with a second-round arm-bar in their first meeting at UFC on ESPN+ 1 in January 2019.

Their paths cross again after VanZant’s BKFC debut was spoiled with a unanimous decision loss to Britain Hart. The move to BKFC happened after the nine-time octagon veteran parted ways with the UFC in July 2020.

The UFC released Ostovich in December 2020 after the Hawaiian dropped three-straight defeats, including the loss to VanZant. The 30-year-old most recently suffered a third-round TKO to Gina Mazany at UFC on ESPN 18 last November.

Hart is fresh off a unanimous-decision win over VanZant BKFC: Knuckle Mania last February. After back-to-back wins under the promotions, she is 2-2 with BKFC.

Clausius shined in her promotional debut after finishing Sheen Bradenburg via second-round TKO at BKFC 15 last December.

The former BKFC heavyweight champion Arnold Adams will meet Michael Terril.

BKFC introduces the “Platform Showdown” for the first time in the promotion’s history. Some of the most popular influenvers and musicians will meet inside the circle.

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BKFC 19 Recap:

Brandon Allen [0-0] vs. Jordan Nash [1-0]

These two are not shy, throwing some heavy shots early. Allen finds the right hook twice. Nash rattles off a few punches back. Allen wobbles Nash near the end of the first, but Nash catches Allen with his own right and left hooks to end round one.

Nash is bleeding from his nose. Nash eats another overhand right. Nash comes forward and lands a jab and cross. Not as active as the first round, but Allen still landing big shots.

Allen lands another right, but Nash counters with a flurry. Allen sticking to his overhand right. Nash is a little more active this round.

Allen on the outside, Nash coming forward. Pace has slowed down. Nash working the jab in the third. The two exchange words after round four,

Allen hurts Nash with a right and left hook, but Nash fires back. Both men are slinging punches in round four. Nash wearing blood all over the left side of his face. Fight ends on a referee break.

Nash moves to 2-0, while Allen falls in BKFC debut. Allen wins debut to move to 1-0, while Nash falls to 1-1.


Chris Jensen [1-1] vs. Kyle McElroy [0-0]

McElroy comes out with his hands down. Jensen lets his hands fly. The two ties up, but McElroy eats a right hand. Jensen stays on McElroy and rocks his opponent. McElroy goes stumbling into the ropes and hit the canvas. McElroy tries to get to his feet, but referee Dan Miragliotta calls this one.

Jensen earns first-round TKO as he improves to 2-1. McElory drops in debut, is 0-1.


Jay Jackson [0-0] vs. Damon Bell [0-0]

Jackson landing more out the gate, straight punches. Jensen catches Jackson and the referee calls for a 10 count. Both men throwing heavy in the clinch.

The pair clinches again, both men throwing to body. Jensen lands another right hook. Jensen comes in and goes down, referee calls it a slip. Jackson catches Jensen and he goes down. Jensen saved by the bell.

Jensen keeps coming forward and letting hands fly, Jackson catches him coming in. Jackson lands a left hook and continues to pepper Bell. Bell eats a left hand and he is down. Bell does not answer the count. This one is over.

Jackson wins debut and improves to 1-0. Bell falls short, 0-1.


Jared Warren [1-1] vs. Zion Tomilson [2-0]

Both men putting on a show early. Warren puts Tomilson to the canvas with a left hand and this one is over. This place just erupted

Warren moves to 2-1, while Tomilson suffers his first loss, 2-1.

Scary scene as Tomilson is given oxygen and slowly helped to his feet.


Joshua Sikes [0-0] vs. Tony Soto [0-0]

Both men trading control of the center. Soto swings and misses. Soto throwing haymakers. Sikes seems to be throwing more straight shots.

Sikes greets Soto with a right hand as his opponent comes in. Soto lands a left hook.

Soto lands a right hook that sends Sikes walking backwards. Sikes backs Soto into the ropes. Sikes landing the better punches from the outside. Soto’s face is showing the wear and tear.

Sikes moving well and making Soto miss. Soto lands a left hook. Soto keeps coming forward, but Sikes moving. Sikes lands a jab. Soto landing the heavier blows.

Sikes takes a blow to the groin. They return to action. Soto is the more active fighter thus far, but having hard time landing often. Soto lands a left hand during a brief exchange. Soto lands a looping left hook.

Soto wins by decision, improves to 1-0. Sikes drops to 0-1.


Terry Janoski [0-0] vs. Richard Carsten [0-0]

Carsten throwing wild overhands. Carsten really covering up, then misses with the overhand. Janoski rocks Carsten and he goes down. Carsten answer the bell. Carsten goes down again. Carsten answers another count. Janoski staying patirent. Carsten goes down for a third time. Carsten displaying toughness, gets to his feet, Janoski puts Carsten down with a right hand for good.

Janoski moves to 1-0, while Carsten falls to 0-1.


Evil Hero [0-0] vs. Dakota Olave [0-0]

No tap of the gloves. Evil Haro is landing the heavier shots in round one. Dominant first round for Evil Hero, landing higher volume. Crowd give heavy boo’s after round one.

Olave eats a left hand. Evil Hero is teeing off on Olave. Evil Hero wobbles Olave. Another lop-sided round one for Evil hero.

Evil Hero lets his hands go briefly, Olave counters with a right. Evil Hero ends round three with letting his hands fly.

Evil Hero wins by decision.


Nick Ireland [0-0] vs. DK Money [0-0]

Money pops the jab. Money is slapping. Ireland comes forward. Money comes forward and lets his hands go. Money seemed to land the cleaner shots.

Ireland gets busy in the first. Money tags Ireland. Ireland is backing up. Both are slowing down and breathing heavy. Money eats a right hand. Ireland lands some big hooks toward the end of the round, actually gets some roars from the crowd.

These two are gassed. Ireland lets his hands fly in the final seconds. pretty inactive round.

Ireland wins by decision.


Blue Face [0-0] vs. Kane Trujillo [0-0]

The pair taps gloves. Blue face using his reach early. Trujillo is swinging, but Blue Face is landing more. Blue Face chases Trujillo toward the end of round one.

Blue Face rocks Trujillo with a straight right. Blue face chases and survives. Trujillo practically running rom the jab of Blue Face. Trujillo eats another right. Dominant round for Blue face.

Trujillo is coming forward, taking shots. Blue Face using his range. Blue Face knocks down Trujillo. Trujillo throws, eats an upper cut. Trujillo goes down briefly, gets 10 count. Trujillo answers. Blue Face tees off on Trujillo at the end of round three.

BlueFace wins by unanimous decision.


Abdiel Velasquez [3-3] vs. Geane Herrera [0-0]

Valazquez comes out with looping hooks. Valasquez goes down early as Herrera gets him with a right. Velasquez answers the count. Herrera puts Velasquez down again.Velasquez answer again, Velasquez comes forward, goes down, but referee Dan Miragliotta warns him. Velasquez is taking a beating. Herrera earned another knockdown shortly before the round ended.

These two are swinging. Velasquez goes down again, helped up by referee, barely standing. This one is over.

Herrera win debut, while Velasquez drops to 3-4.


Taylor Starling [1-0] vs. Cassie Robb [0-0]

Starling is letting her hands go early. Robb tries to answer, but covers up. Robb is bleeding. Starling unloading and the referee is forced to step in. That was fast. The two hug immediately after.

Starling moves to 2-0, while Robb drops to 0-1.


Britain Hart [2-2] vs. Jenny Savage [1-0]

Hart stays center, Neither landing a significant strike. Hart landing more effectively.

Both women trading early in round two. Hart goes tot he body. Hart landing uppercuts in the clinch. Hart getting the better of the exchanges. Hart and Savage have a little exchange at the end of round two.

Hart comes out swinging in round three. Savage is clinching. hart finds success with uppercuts in the clinch. Savage is having trouble with her left eye. Hart unloads on Savage. Referee steps in before the bell. Hart wins

Hart improves to 3-2 and Savage drops to 0-1.


Arnold Adams [4-1] vs. Michael Terrill [4-0]

Adams lands with a jab early. Both men right in the center, trading jabs. Adam lands a right hook off the clinch that sends Terrill back. Terrill eats another upper cut. Terrill is bleeding from his left eye.

Adams works the body early in round two. Terrill is working off the clinch.

Adams lands heavy hooks as Terrill comes forward to clinch. Adams knocks down Terrill. Terrill unable to answer the count.

Adams improves to 5-1, while Terrill suffers first loss, drops to 4-1.


Paige VanZant [0-1] vs. Rachael Ostovich [0-0]

These two are getting right to business. Active first round with both girls picking their shots. Can see the respect shared between the two.

VanZant is in the center with Ostovich on the outside. Ostovich comes forward with a short flurry. VanZant ends round by landing the jab and cross, backing Ostovich into the ropes.

Ostovich tags Vanzant. Ostovich finding success with the overhands in round three. VanZant counters with the jab. Ostovich turning it up in round three. Round ends with VanZant pressing Ostovich against the ropes.

Ostovich is center, lands clean. Ostovich lands a left as VaZant comes in. VanZant clinches, but Ostovich fires the left repeatedly. VanZant outlasts in the clinch. The referee separates the pair. Ostovich lands solid combination at the end of the round.

Ostovich eats a one, two combination from VanZant. Ostovich lands a right cross, but VanZant immediately clinches.

Ostovich wins BKFC debut. VanZant falls to 0-2.


MAIN CARD [Bare Knuckle TV/Fite TV 8 p.m. ET]

Official decision: Rachael Ostovich def. Paige VanZant via unanimous decision [48-47, 48-47, 49-46].

Official decision: Arnold Adams def. Michael Terrill by knockout at 0:38 in round 3.

Official decision: Britain Hart def. Jenny Savage  by TKO at 1:55 in round 3.

Official decision: Taylor Starling def. Cassie Robb by TKO at 0:28 in round 1.

Official decision: Geane Herrera def. Abdiel Velasquez by TKO at 0:14 in round 2.


Official decision: Blue Face def. Kane Trujillo by unanimous decision

Official decision: Nick Ireland def. DK Money by majority decision.  

Official decision: Evil Hero def. Dakota Olave by unanimous decision 

Official decision: Terry Janoski def. Richard Carsten by TKO at 1:55 in round 1.

Official decision: Tony Soto def. Joshua Sikes by unanimous decision [50-45, 49-46, 48-47]

Official decision: Jared Warren def. Zion Tomilson by knockout at 1:14  in round 1.


PRELIMINARY CARD [Youtube 7 p.m. ET]

Official decision: Jay Jackson def. Damon Bell by knockout at 1:58 in round 3.

Official decision: Chris Jensen def. Kyle McElroy by TKO at 1:17 in round 1.

Official decision: Jordan Nash def. Brandon Allen by unanimous decision [48-47 3x].




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