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Boxing Strategy Tips

Boxing Strategy Tips

Muhammad Ali, Evander Holyfield, Sugar Ray Leonard, Joe Louis were all great men. Their passion for boxing was manifested in their ability to make the sport not just entertaining but interesting to one and all. In this day and age, boxing is no longer a sport that is exclusive to the professionals alone. Everyone with an interest, young and old, is taking up boxing.

You might be asking why one would want to take up such a seemingly violent sport. Boxing, however, is not just about violence. It is quite an effective exercise medium that has several benefits for those that participate in it. Boxing is all about endurance, and your levels will be boosted to levels that you had not thought possible before you began. Other than that, your confidence will also grow as you become more competent and accustomed to boxing.

Now that you have taken the plunge and enrolled in a boxing program where you can train, how do you go about it? What little tidbits can be offered to you to make you as good a boxer as you can be? During this time of the pandemic, you should ready your shadow boxing resistance bands since it won’t be easy to look for good and safe gyms. After all, our safety is still our priority which means chances are we will be staying more at home to train.



As physical as the sport is, boxing is also very strategically dependent. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing it competitively or purely for your enjoyment or building up your physical prowess. You cannot turn your mind off simply because you are in a boxing match. Three main moves should form the basis of your mental acuity as you are boxing: Keep punching, remember to dodge as smoothly and quickly as you can, and maintain movement. Forming a mantra from these three will keep your mind in the ring long enough to make something of your time in there. You do need the mental fortitude as it might often be the only thing keeping you upright while in the ring. Your mind has to support you through and past the intense physical demands that your body will be enduring.

Having an effective strategy is not an avoidable act if you wish to get better at boxing. Even the most accomplished participants of the sport concur that the mind is sometimes just as, or even more, important than the body.



Oxygen is vital for the working of your muscles. Even with that said, the rhythm of your breathing counts. Uncontrolled huffing and puffing, even when you begin to tire out, is counterproductive to your moves’ effectiveness. Keeping your breathing in check helps to put a little more power behind each punch you throw. It also acts as a movement regulator. You become more efficient as you move around the ring and as you perform each attack, be it a jab or an uppercut. The main thing to keep in mind is to exhale as you throw the punch.



Your attitude counts. Staying calm and controlled while you fight or spur makes your movements jerky and tires you out faster than is ideal. Don’t just go for the gusto; approach your next session in the ring with a more centered demeanor and you will see a difference.

As you walk into your training club for your next sparring session or boxing match, keep these tips in mind throughout so that you continue to be better than you were.

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