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BYB South Carolina marks first Bare-Knuckle event in the state

BYB South Carolina is set to go down before the end of the calendar year.

Earlier this week, BYB CEO Gregory Bloom met with the South Carolina Athletic Commission. This was a timely happening as the decision centered on legalizing bare-knuckle fighting in the State of South Carolina was made. As modern bare-knuckle boxing continues to grow in scope, there are more and more states electing to regulate it. South Carolina represents the latest permutation of that growth trend for the sport.

Today, Bloom announced that BYB Extreme will be hosting the state’s first-ever bare-knuckle fighting event. This history-making card will transpire on Friday, December 9th. The fistic fireworks emanate from the Rock Hill Sports & Events Center in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The event is dubbed BYB 14: Carolina Brawl. Bout announcements for this event are still to come.

BYB South Carolina

Bloom recently offered up his thoughts on the Commission’s decision to regulate the sport of bare-knuckle boxing. He also addressed the news regarding the forthcoming BYB event.

“Since taking on a leadership role with BYB, my primary focus has been working with commissions throughout the country in an effort to sanction the sport nationwide”, Bloom stated, “Showcasing bare knuckle’s merits and educating leaders about its safety and benefits. I commend the South Carolina Athletic Commission on its groundbreaking decision.”

“BYB is the originator of bare-knuckle fighting in the US and it is fitting that BYB opens the market with one of our world-class shows. Fans are in for a treat, and we look forward to a longstanding series of fights in the state and, ultimately, the region.”

He also added, “Additionally I’d like to thank Kosmas Livanos and Global Legion FC, the number one boxing and MMA promotional company in the region for playing a critical role in assisting the meeting of the minds between BYB and the South Carolina Commission to get this historical achievement accomplished.”

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