Saul Rogers coming to “put away” Tim Wilde at Bellator 287

Saul Rogers joins Lenny this week to talk about his fight vs. Tim Wilde at Bellator 287 on October 29th.

Saul Rogers will take on Tim Wilde at Bellator 287 this weekend in Milan, a battle between two of the best British lightweights in Bellator’s lightweight division. Rogers (15-4), will return to the cage after a year’s layoff from fighting, his last appearance, a victory over Georgi Karakhanyan at Bellator 266.

First and foremost, thank you to Bellator and Saul for taking the time out of his busy schedule.

Saul Rogers is anticipating a good fight vs. Tim Wilde:

“You know what I am really excited for this one. Tim always comes to fight, he always brings the fire, so that is extra motivation for me. I know this one the fans will want to see as well.

I’m not sure what I am expecting from Tim. I have watched a few of his fights and he is different in different fights. Sometimes, he throws caution to the wind, and sometimes he is a little bit more technical and dances around a bit. Against me, I am not sure what he is going to do, but I haven’t been focusing on that. I know what i am going to do. I am going to march forward, throwing bombs and getting a grip on him and ragdolling him.

I am looking to finish, that is all I am ever doing. When I fought Aiden Lee, I had him in submissions and honestly had so much more to give and honestly I should be putting these guys away. Tim Wilde honestly, I am coming to put him away.”

With his time away from the cage, Rogers has spent time in Thailand:

“The first couple weeks started out amazing and after that it was disaster after disaster. In fight camp you get a few injuries but in that camp I have never had so many collective injuries condense in a couple weeks in my life. I had, stitches in my face, head, smashed my neck and fractured ribs. Just one thing after another, I fell off my moped and the side of my skin was hanging off. It was just a nightmare.”

Thanks to Saul and Bellator for the opportunity.

Catch Bellator 287 and Saul fighting this weekend.

To watch the full interview, check the full interview here.

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