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Carsyn Nash: “I’m always down for a challenge”

Five years into her mixed martial arts journey, the love of competition that Carsyn Nash exhibits has lead her to fully committing to MMA.

How long have you been doing MMA for, and why?

“I’ve been doing MMA for five years, almost five years, a little under five years. I started just because I like competition. I continued because I like competition, and chess. I believe it’s the human capability, the height of human capability, of the sport. I feel that I’m always down for a challenge. So, this was the most challenging thing I’ve ever done, and I wanted to continue to challenge myself every day; and it has not let me down.”


When did it turn from a hobby to a career path? 

“Once I graduated college, I knew that I need to choose a career field, and I was stuck between MMA and then my academic background as a career. I felt very strongly about chasing a dream and chasing a thing that has a short shelf life; the thing that I was afraid to do. I don’t ever want to not do something because I’m afraid.”


How rough on the body is that, getting used to going from part time to head over heels?

“It was very difficult, the first few months especially; with the altitude change, the beating to your body. All those things are very difficult, in the beginning. Once you get past that, and you look back, and you see how far you’ve come; it’s a small price to pay, to follow the dream.”


Let us know a little bit, about the mental side of the game. Cause you sound like you analyze, you take this to another level, your breaking down of a fight.

“Yes, absolutely! For instance, when I get in the cage first, when I spar, I feel the energy pick up. You feel your adrenaline go, you can bounce all around, you can go crazy, you can stand inside the pocket with someone and brawl all day; anybody can do that. Here I’ve learned, more than anything: to take a step back, give yourself space, dissect the other person. Everybody has a tell, and everyone has patterns. You have to watch for the patterns. Also, the pain, of like, getting hit or getting hurt you just have to think through; you have to breathe. You have to overcome the instinct of survival, in order to intelligently win this battle. I think that Greg Jackson he laid down that philosophy for fighting, and MMA especially, years ago I was lucky enough to come across it now. I feel it changed my game. I’m a totally different fighter, I can go professional any day. I just need to get more experience under my belt.”

Carsyn will being putting her skills to the test next on November 8th, against Aranda Dass, at Rage in the Cage 69 taking place at the OKC Farmers Market, in Oklahoma City.

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