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Jake Shields talks Nate Diaz, if he will fight again, the hardest hitters

Former UFC welterweight title contender and former Strikeforce middleweight champion, Jake Shields was in New York over the weekend to support longtime friend and Cesar Gracie training partner, Nate Diaz.

Diaz of course, was headlining UFC 244 against Jorge Masvidal for the promotion’s inaugural BMF belt.  Former TMZ reporter Adam Glyn was able to meet up with Shields on the streets of Manhattan to discuss what is going on in his career as well as his thoughts on how the Diaz fight played out.

“I’m doing grappling right now,” Shields said. “I’m not like retired but I’m not doing fights either. It’s hard to say. If something interests me I’ll jump right back in. It was a tough sport, you know?”

Shields went on to say that Dan Henderson would likely be his first choice for “hardest puncher” he ever fought. “I’ve been hit by some hard motherfuckers so it’s hard to say. Hector Lombard, fucking Tyron Woodley. Actually Tyron Woodley didn’t really hit me that hard.”

Shields was then asked about his thoughts on the doctor’s stoppage inside the octagon as Diaz was prevented from continuing on into the fourth round as a results of cuts he received from strikes landed by Masvidal.

“I thought ‘yes’,” Shields said about the fight being stopped too early. “In some cases I would say ‘no’, but I think he had a ton of (points to head)… you could tell he was still mentally in the fight. He wasn’t losing the fight but he was starting to bring his mental back up. Plus the cut didn’t get worse from the first round to the third round. It wasn’t bleeding in his eye. I just don’t think it was right of them to stop it.

What do you think fight fans?  Will Jake Shields return to professional mixed martial arts competition?

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