CFFC 89: Hafez vs. Savoie Results

CFFC 89 Results: Bassil Hafez vs. Christien Savoie

CFFC 89 is coming on their second night on UFC Fight Pass right after CFFC 88. The main event was for the vacant welterweight title and Christien Savoie, made his first appearance outside of Canada to face Bassil Hafez at Philadelphia’s 2300 Arena. The fight was for the vacant welterweight title and one was crowned quickly in the first round of the main event. The last time CFFC held back-to-back events made for some interesting highlight reel footage and CFFC 89 did not disappoint.

These two events closing out make for a great precursor to the UFC 255 weekend, with more mixed martial arts action to come on Friday. The event aired live on UFC FIGHT PASS, Thursday night at 8 pm EST, and as always, MyMMANews has results here. 

Jerome Macalino  vs. Tommy Majeski 

In a catchweight bout of 165 pounds, both Macalino and Majeski did a lot of clinch work. Majeski seemed to force that type of fight in wanting the takedown. When they finally did get to the ground, a near choke by Macalino was reversed and Majeski took Macalino’s back. Then, he would try to get a choke, but a neck crank worked just as good getting the tap in the first round.

Mike Gonzalez vs. Vilson Ndregjoni 

Gonzalez seemed to do well standing at the start of the fight in round one, so it made sense for Ndregjoni to bring the fight to the ground. However, there Gonzalez seemed to frustrate Ndregjoni too. Enough to get them stood back up. A quick cup shot occurred before the round closed and it was not to be the sole groin strike of the fight, unfortunately.

In round two, the second groin shot would come again from Gonzalez creating a sense of urgency from both fighters. Gonzalez would spend a lot of time there again however, Ndregjoni would be the one being frustrating while on top of Gonzalez. By round three, Ndregjoni got wise to the high kicks of Gonzalez and he attacked the standing leg when Gonzalez went for them again. Where Gonzalez had the advantage in speed, Ndregjoni seemed to make up for the difference in power counter shots. In the end, a fantastic toss from Ndregjoni seemed to seal the deal for a win.

Joshua Smith vs. Charalampos Grigoriou 

Another fight that brought the third groin shot of the night but this fight would have a lot of striking exchanges that had both men throw wild at times. Both men put it all on the line, showing tremendous heart. It would go to the judges and the scrambles seemed to benefit Smith as he picked up a unanimous win victory.

Sitik Muduev  vs. Frankie Buenafuente 

This fight had a very aggressive Muduev control the fight with some impressive defensive work from the bottom by Buenafuente. Standing, Muduev seemed to do more damage. This was proven by the damage worm on Buenafuente’s leg after taking a leg-kick. His aggression proved more than enough to pull off a unanimous decision victory.

Bassil Hafez vs. Christien Savoie 

In a crazy first round, Savoie found himself in the deep waters of Hafez’s submission game. A near shoulder lock, to a near armbar, to a triangle choke that would secure the finish for Hafez. Savoie did everything he could to defend but once the triangle was locked in it was over. Hafez is the new CFFC welterweight champion.

With the win and the title, Hafez said he only wanted one thing. “UFC. Dana White, Sean Shelby give me a call,” Hafez said after the win. Maybe when Dana White Contender Series returns.



CFFC 89 Results:

Bassil Hafez defeats Christien Savoie vis submission (triangle choke) at 4:15 of round 1.

Sitik Muduev defeats  Frankie Buenafuente via unanimous decision 

Joshua Smith defeats Charalampos Grigoriou via unanimous decision. 

Vilson Ndregjoni defeats Mike Gonzalez via split decision (2 judges saw it 29-28,29-28 for Ndregjoni, 29-28 Gonzalez)

Tommy Majeski defeats Jerome Macalino  via submissions (neck-crank) at 3:29 of round 1

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