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Charisa Sigala Doesn’t “Care About Getting Dirty” at BKFC Knucklemania 3

Jayme Hinshaw and Charisa Sigala test skills at BKFC KnuckleMania 3 on February 17th.

Sigala appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts to discuss why this has the ingredients to be fight of the night, the importance this bout has in the strawweight hierarchy, and so much more. Excerpts from our chat are below.


Rebounding from falling short in the inaugural BKFC strawweight title fight and the field being relatively wide open at 115 pounds for embarking towards another crack at the belt

“That’s how I feel. I feel like the title’s there. I’m training now with Justin Fortune. I haven’t put it out there so first to know. So I’m training now with Justin Fortune. Huge, I think he’s trained so many different people with Freddie  Roach. So I’m like making sure that I’m in that. Because I just keep getting bigger and bigger opponents, bigger and bigger names.”

Sigala continued, “So I needed to make sure I was somewhere where I was going to be trained by somebody who was used to that. It’s been amazing, I’m really really excited. Because there’s been a lot of progression with this fight camp in the short time that I’ve been with him. I’m looking forward to getting out there too and having him in my corner. Hearing everything that he tells me and getting that reassurance. That I’m doing exactly what we were planning on when we were in the training.”

Charisa Sigala

Sigala’s thoughts on Hinshaw’s lightning-quick BKFC debut effort

“Well even though she didn’t get like that long, you can still see a lot about somebody for what she did. So I mean there was a good feel for her and then yes, I have seen her other videos. But she was going against an opponent who didn’t really fight back. So there’s going to be a huge difference (laughs). That’s where the biggest difference is. I’m not one that just shells up. So it’s going to be a completely different fight. Which I think this is going to be a really exciting one for Albuquerque and all the fight fans out there.”

Sigala continued, “Everybody who’s going to watch, they know what I put out. The type of fights that I get. I know she has plenty of footage on me because I mean, this isn’t my first go around. She has a little bit more and I think for me, that’s what works to my benefit because of how much time that I have in that ring. Because even though she had a really short time in there, she also gassed out pretty quick. So being that she’s from New Mexico, that’s actually surprising.”

BKFC KnuckleMania 3

Sigala’s overall analysis of this Hinshaw matchup; stylistically and in terms of entertainment value

“For me, I’m the taller fighter. She’s going up in weight. 115 is my natural weight. She was an atomweight going to 115. She’s shorter than me. So for me, I feel like there’s a lot of plusses in my favour in this fight. So I’m really excited. But you never know. Some people just surprise you.”

“I feel like the types of fighter that you have in her and in myself, it could be another one of those barnburners that I tend to always be in. Because that’s just the type of fighter I am. I’m one of them that don’t care about getting dirty. When I had seen her, I figured that she knows this is going to be a different ball game. When I fought Taylor (Starling) at KnuckleMania, we stole the show and we weren’t the only females. I think this time around, I thought there was going to be another girls matchup on the card.”

Sigala continued, “Right now, we’re the only females. Females tend to steal the show regardless. A lot of people love to watch us fight because of the types of fights that we bring. It’s always a little bit dirtier. A lot more bloody than most of the guys for the most part.”

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