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Chris Brown – “There’s a reason people don’t want to fight me”

Around the JacksonWink Academy one of Chris Brown’s many nicknames is “The Future.”

Coming from a high-profile gym and having the likes of Diego Sanchez, Holly Holm, and Jon Jones give you such praise can be a blessing and a curse.

“Breezy”, as I said he has many nicknames, was last in action at Fight Night 4, this past November, defeating Warren Stewart by unanimous decision.

Since then “The Houston Mad Man” has had four fights fall through this year. Furthermore, Brown says, “This is the first time LFA’s been able to match me in 10 cities. Like they been trying to match me since last summer. You see how many events they put on and how many cities they go to. They tried at least 10 cities; they’ve tried, but nobody would fight me. This is the first time they got someone to sign a contract.”

From studying Yemi Oduwole, Brown believes LFA 71 opponent will not back out of the fight, “Cause he’s kind of a cocky guy, from his fights. I don’t know why.”

“He’s like one of those guys always trying to showboat, trying to be a showman or whatever but he really don’t be doing nothing to (showboat).”

Oduwole comes in on a five-fight win streak, but Brown isn’t impressed, “yeah he wants to strike but he’s not a particularly great striker. It’s pretty basic-striking, horrible wrestling defense.”

Brown’s last fight was a win and his only loss is a split decision to current UFC Lightweight Thomas Gifford, “There’s a reason people don’t want to fight me. So, my confidence is growing, my skill level is growing higher, my conditioning is the best it’s ever been. I just been grinding. I been in training camp since November. Like, I just keep on rolling on to the next one, or this guy pulls out. Take a couple days off and I’m right back in the gym. I haven’t stopped grinding. I’m just in here putting that work in. I’ve got to show there’s a different level. We already know he can’t out wrestle me; we already know that. And I’m about to show him my striking is on a whole different level.”

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