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Chris Gutierrez hates crying on TV, but “It’s the reality”

Chris Gutierrez rather not cry on national television, but he is only human.

Following a unanimous decision victory over Andre Ewell at UFC 258 this past Saturday on Feb. 13, Gutierrez showed his emotions in his post-fight interview with commentator Joe Rogan on ESPN and ESPN+

The 29-year-old can live with crying in public, just as long as he keeps his emotions in check while in the octagon. The message is one he remembers hearing from a former coach of his. 

“He said, ‘It’s OK to be human, but the moment you step into the cage, the moment you step into that ring, you got to be superman. Afterwards, you can break down. You can be Clark Kent, you can be just a normal person,” Gutierrez said.

“I hate it because I am always crying on [expletive] TV, but it’s the reality of everyday life, it’s the reality of being a human being.”

Chris Gutierrez is keeping a promise

Gutierrez is open about his current custody battle for his son, who he’s not seen in two years. It’s one of the main reasons the tears came running down Gutierrez’s face on Saturday night. 

He is still unsure when he will see him again, but is confident the day will come when they are reunited. Gutierrez made a promise to his son after all.

The last time the two saw one another, Gutierrez swore to see his son again. He is not one for goodbyes. 

“I am not a big fan of saying, ‘Bye.’ I talk to someone on the phone that I genuinely love, I don’t like saying bye. To me, that word is like, ‘Why? Am I never going to talk to you again? Am I never going to see you?,’” Gutierrez said. “My son said ‘Bye daddy,” and I looked at him and I told him, ‘It’s never a goodbye. I’ll see you later. I made a promise to him that day and I’ll be damned if I break it.”

Support and success

Gutierrez continues to receive messages on social media from people who are supporting him and some who are going through the same ordeal. Even Ewell, Gutierrez’s most recent opponent, is going through a custody battle of his own. 

Gutierrez is leading by example for those who relate to him. He is not harping on the past and is looking toward the future. 

The bantamweight is focusing on bettering himself inside and outside of the octagon. Gutierrez is unbeaten since November 2018 and is climbing his way up the ranks of the UFC’s bantamweight division. 

With each victory, Gutierrez is spreading awareness of his situation post-fight, even if it includes some tears.

Gutierrez is not one for spreading negativity. This is why he chooses to do most of his talking through the success he achieves inside the cage.

“The best revenge on someone is to be successful because the more successful you are, the more it just drives people crazy,” Gutierrez said. “I rather drive people crazy that way than a physical form or anything.”

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