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Ciryl Gane dominated Alexander Volkov in a unanimous decision win at UFC Vegas 30 this Saturday, June 26. [Courtesy of @UFCNews on Twitter].

Ciryl Gane beats Alexander Volkov by decision at UFC Fight Night 190

Ciryl Gane’s accuracy proved superior in a unanimous decision win over Alexander Volkov at UFC Fight Night 190 on Saturday, June 26. 

Gane mixed up his strikes with punches and kicks, outpointing the taller Volkov throughout all five rounds.

Ciryl Gane vs. Alexander Volkov- UFC Fight Night 190 Preview

A pair of top-five heavyweights headline UFC Fight Night 190 on Saturday, June 26. 

Unbeaten contender Ciryl Gane faces former Bellator champion Alexander Volkov inside the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

Here is how the heavyweight main event between Ciryl Gane and Alexander Volkov went down at UFC Fight Night 190, including round-by-round scoring. For full results of the event, check them out right here.

Gane is a perfect 8-0 in his career, coming off a unanimous decision win against Jairzinho Rozenstruik at UFC Fight Night 186 last February. He finished three out of his previous five octagon opponents.

Volkov is on. a win streak of his own, coming off back-to-back victories ver Walt Harris and Alistair Overeem. His last defeat is a unanimous decision loss to Curtis Blaydes at UFC on ESPN 11 a year ago.

Ciryl Gane make statement at UFC Fight Night 190 

Ciryl Gane
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The pair move center, trading leg kicks early. Gane lands another lead leg kick. Volkov land an outside leg kick of his own. Volkov goes to the body with a kick. Gane takes another inside leg kick from Volkov. Gane is switching his stances often. Gane is landing leg kicks often. Gane lands a back kick to the chest of Volkov. Gane land an overhand right, then immediately shoots for a takedown. Volkov sprawls and Gane gives up on takedown quickly.  Volkov land another outside leg kick. A lot fo leg kicks being landed here by both men. Gane lands a left hand. Round ends with both men on their feet. 

MyMMANews scores it 10-9 for Gane.


Volkov lands a front kick. Both men exchanging leg kick right away. Volkov with a front kick. Gane lands a jab, showing a major speed advantage. Volkov misses with a head kick. Volkov lands a front kick. Gane lands a right hook as Vokov comes in. Gane with back-to-back left hands. Volkov lands a jab. Gane lands a kick tot he body, Volkov counters with a kick to the leg. Gane lands a knee to the body. Volkov connects with a right hand, sets it up with a left. Gane lands a jab, snaps Volkov’s head back. Gane and Volkov’s lead legs showing some swelling. Gane lands a side kick to the leg of Volkov.

MyMMANews scores it 20-18 for Gane.


Gane lands a front kick, countered with a right hand from Volkov. Gane staying active with the leg kicks. Gane landing more punches than Volkov. Volkov eats a right hand. Gane lands a right hand as Volkov comes forward. Gane trips, Volkov swarms. Gane gets to his feet quickly. Volkov eats a right hand. Volkov lands a right cross. Gane ducks under, gives up on takedown quickly. Gane looks for a knee. Volkov kicks to the body. Gane lands a right to the body. Volkov takes a jab to the body. Volkov lands a left hand. Volkov clinches and eats a jab. Off the fence, Volkov is bleeding from his nose. Both men trading punches and kicks, steady pace. 

MyMMANews scores it 30-27 for Gane


Gane is putting his combinations together, landing bigger strikes and higher volume. Gane clinches with Volkov against the fence. Gane separates and lets his hands go. Volkov lands a right hand. Volkov lands a leg kick. Gane lands a. leg kick and then throws a punch combination. Gane lands a stiff jab, snaps back Volkov’s head. Volkov fighting on the outside, Gane dictating this fight from the center of the octagon. Gane lands another jab. Volkov lands a kick to the body. Gane lands an overhand right, barely hits Volkov. The two trade leg kicks. Better round for Volkov, not great. 

MyMMANews scores it 40-36 for Gane


Both men trading leg kicks again, what a surprise. Gane lands a jab to the body. Volkov lands a leg kick. Gane keeps controlling the pace, Volkov is backing up. Gane staying active with the right jab. Gane being very active wit low kicks. Gane looks for takedown, bails on it quickly. Gane landing 60 percent of his strikes. Volkov eats another left hand. Volkov lands a left hand. Gane accidentally pokes Volkov in the eye. Referee Herb Dean calls a break in the action. Doctor says Volkov can continue and the action resumes. Gane lands an outside leg kick. 

MyMMANews scores it 50-45 for Gane

Official result: Ciryl Gan def. Alexander Volkov via unanimous decision [50-45, 50-45, 49-46]

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