Colby Covington dominates Tyron Woodley, fight stopped in 5th round due to injury, UFC Vegas 11

Colby Covington lands a kick to the stomach of Tyron Woodley

Colby Covington dominates Tyron Woodley, fight stopped in 5th round due to injury

UFC on ESPN+ 36 blessed MMA fans with Colby Covington vs. Tyron Woodley. It was a long time coming for these two to be locked in the cage together and the UFC gave this amazing fight to fans for only a subscription to ESPN+, when it really could have been a PPV main event.

Covington entered the fight after a devastating loss to Kamaru Usman at UFC 245. The fight with Usman was phenomenal, but Covington was finished in the 5th round. It stopped a 7-fight win streak, but Covington looked to get back on track against Woodley.

Woodley entered the fight on a 2-fight losing streak, with losses to Usman and Gilbert Burns by unanimous decision. The former UFC Welterweight champion was looking to get back in the win column and start his quest to get the belt back.

Here is how the fight between Covington and Woodley went down at UFC on ESPN+ 36, including round-by-round scoring. For full results of the event, check them out right here.


Covington doesn’t touch gloves to start the fight. Woodley comes out aggressive, but Covington lands an early takedown. Woodley was able to work back to his feet easily without Covington really hitting him at all. Both fighters seemed to be feeling each other out, landing small shots and fining their range. Covington landed a nice body kick and then later landed a nice right hand. After the right hand, Covington got Woodley pushed up against the fence. Covington pushes off and lands two good elbows. Woodley retreated away and Covington finishes the round as the aggressor. It was a slow round, but Covington clearly won it. scores it 10-9 Covington.


Covington starts the 2nd as the aggressor again, landing some good shots. Woodley finally puts some offense on and lands a good punch early. However, Covington pushes forward and throws a flying knee, that did not land, but his elbow did and get git Woodley up against the cage again. Covington makes a mistake and Woodley takes advantage of it, taking Colby Covington down and looks for a guillotine, but Covington gets right to his feet and gets out of it. He lands an elbow to separate and then pushes forward more. Woodley lands a nice right hand with a pushing off the cage strike, but Covington is unfazed by it and keeps bringing the pressure to end the round. scores it 20-18 Covington


The round starts off with Covington once again being the aggressor. Woodley complains of an eye poke, but it was clearly accidental and honestly looked more like a brush than a poke. The fight was stopped for a while, but Woodley continued. Covington went right back at him and started landing some solid strikes to the head and body. He was mixing up his strike and looked like he was in complete control. He landed a great overhand right, but Woodley countered with a great left. Covington tied up Woodley and took him back into the cage. Covington grabbed a leg and was working for a takedown, but was unsuccessful. The remained against the cage with Covington landing a bunch of strikes and Woodley landing a few knees to the body. The pace of the fight slowed down, but Conviction was still in complete control. scores it 30-27 Covington


Covington lands a head kick to start the 4th round and remained the aggressor to start. Covington gets Woodley against the cage again and Woodley looks for another guillotine, but is unsuccessful. Covington is able to take Woodley down and started going to work on the ground. He was working his way to a submission and was landing some solid shots while doing so. He opened a nice cut above the right eye of Woodley with a nice elbow. Covington started to really land some ground and pound and was dominant the rest of the round. That was an easy 10-8 round for Covington. Woodley will need the finish in the 5th and final round to win. scores it 40-35 Covington


Covington starts the 5th and final round as the aggressor again and gets an early takedown. Woodley looks for the guillotine, but Covington gets out. He transitions on top, but Woodley verbally taps out as Covington injured Woodley’s ribs. It was an absolute dominant performance by Covington. He looked phenomenal.

Official result: Colby Covington def. Tyron Woodley via TKO Round 5 (1:19)

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