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Colby Covington promises to drop Jorge Masvidal ‘on his f**king head’ if he sees him in the streets

Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal’s rivalry is only getting stronger.

Covington and Masvidal used to be best friends, roommates and training partners. But, recently that has changed and the two no longer like each other and have trash-talked each other in every interview. Now, “Chaos” is taking it a step further saying he’ll drop “Gamebred” on his head if he sees him in the streets.

“Me and Street Judas are 100 percent gonna fight before it’s all said and done,” Covington said on MMAFighting’s What The Heck podcast. “We might fight a couple of times, because if I see him in the street, it’s gonna be a fade session. He’s gonna get put on the concrete, I’m gonna drop him on his f*ckin’ head and put stitches in the back of his head. It’s not gonna be nice, I promise you that.

“And he knows that, deep down inside he knows. But he’s willing to take a paycheck in the UFC to get his ass whupped because he knows the UFC is gonna pay his f*cking medical bills. Besides that, if we fight on the street, I’m gonna drop him on his f*cking head. He’s never gonna be the same person again because he’s gonna be concussed, the concrete’s gonna mess with him. I’ll probably kick his teeth in, too, while I’m at it.”

Both Covington and Masvidal are hoping to fight Kamaru Usman next time out. But, a fight between them seems likely where Covington is confident he’d win the fight.

The lead up would also be intense where Colby Covington says he’ll bring up stuff no one knows about Jorge Masvidal.

“Just ‘cause he’s a piece of s*it,” Covington added, discussing his reasons for wanting to fight Masvidal. “The guy’s claiming he’s the sucker punch king. He’s claiming for being out at Denny’s and being the ‘dine and dash king.’ Dude, you’re a piece of s*it. You’re dining and dashing on single mothers that are working at Denny’s because they’re trying to put food on the table for their child. You’re bragging about being proud of dining and dashing on them? The guy’s the lowest scum denominator of earth.

“He’s the fakest piece of s*it. He turned his back on me for money and his management team. People are going to find out the real truth about him, he’s gonna get exposed soon. I know so much about him and it doesn’t make sense to come out yet. When we fight, it will all be built up in the fight. Until then, he’s just gonna keep being that fake piece of sh*t.”

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