Tyron Woodley, Colby Covington, grudge match

Colby Covington rips into Tyron Woodley for his performance last weekend

It’s a well known fact that Colby Covington and Tyron Woodley do not like each other. If they get a chance to talk bad about one another they always do. In fact, that’s exactly what Covington did today as Covington said he wasn’t surprised at the outcome of Woodley’s fight against Gilbert Burns last Saturday.

“I knew that Woodley was washed up. I knew that he was just showing up for a pay check,” Covington told Submission Radio. “You saw that in his last fight with ‘Marty Fakenewsman,’ that there’s no fight left in him. He’s literally just showing up to get pay checks. He was cashed out years ago. I mean, when’s the last time the guy won a round? Three or four years ago? The guy is over the hill.

“He shouldn’t be fighting anymore. But that’s what’s sad about this business, is these guys just have to keep coming and getting these pay checks even when they’re old and in walkers, because they don’t know how to manage money the right way.”

Covington (15-2) and Woodley (19-5-1) never got the chance to settle their differences inside of the octagon and now Covington doesn’t see that fight ever happening.

“Yeah, in my opinion, business goes on,” Covington said. “It sucks. I built that fight for three, four years. I was begging to fight that guy on five days’ notice because I know how washed up he is, and he never wanted to fight me. It’s just that plain and simple. Even when he was the champion, and I had the interim title, he was begging to fight lightweights. He was begging to fight anybody but me. And I’m the first guy to scare the champion into elective shoulder surgery. So, the guy’s been scared of me since Day 1.

“We used to train together at American Top Team. So, I think people just found out how much of a man I am of my word. Every time I say something, it’s the truth. And maybe it’s the brutal honest truth, but it’s still the truth. And he ducked me his whole career, and that’s that.”

Covington also believes Woodley should walk from the sport and consider himself lucky that the two never fought.

“He can ride off into the sunset and go to his retirement home and just be happy that he doesn’t have to deal with the psychiatric that he would have dealt with if he would have had to fight me,” Covington said. “So, he’s thankful, and he’s lucky. He dodged a bullet.”

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