Ben Askren, Colby Covington

Colby Covington says ‘overrated’ Ben Askren ‘got exposed’ at UFC 239

Ben Askren expected to dominate Jorge Masvidal at UFC 239 and then earn a title shot. However, that did not even come close to what happened. Rather, “Gamebred” ran across the cage and landed a perfectly timed flying knee that knocked “Funky” out cold in just five seconds.

It was the first loss of Ben Askren’s career, and Colby Covington says the loss exposed Askren and his style.

“It was like called it,” Covington said to MMA Fighting. “I said in a bunch of interviews leading up that he was going to land a knee on Askren. Askren is so predictable. He just comes in and puts his head down, he doesn’t even throw punches to set up his takedowns. He just shoots straight for takedowns. If you look at the Robbie Lawler fight, that’s exactly what he did. He just comes out and puts his head straight down. I saw that coming. I called it.

“Ben is overrated. Everybody knew that he only knew how to wrestle. That’s 0-2 now. That’s two knockout losses for him. He needs to go back to Asia with all the other inferior products.”

Colby Covington believes Herb Dean should have stopped the fight when Robbie Lawler was landing heavy ground and pound against Askren. But, he is excited his friend and training partner in Masvidal was the one who KO’d Askren.

“The thing about that is you can buy your clicks, you can buy your followers but you cannot buy your Octagon wins,” Covington said about Askren. “He made all the nerds and virgins believe he was a superstar. And this and that but really he was overrated. He had a padded record, he hadn’t fought anybody, e was coming off a knockout loss to Robbie Lawler. He finally got exposed in front of the whole world.”

In the end, as Colby Covington has been saying all along, he knew Ben Askren was not that good and glad someone finally proved it.

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