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Colby Covington takes aim at Jorge Masvidal for breaking no trash-talk rule at American Top Team

The former friendship turned rivalry between UFC welterweights Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. As the two have gone back and forth over their rightful place in the division and things that have gone on between them in their old friendship, neither fighter is holding back.

Recently, Covington said that he believes Masvidal, who is referring to as “Street Judas” will price himself out in a title fight against the champion Kamaru Usman, and that will clear the way for Covington to get a rematch with Usman. Back at UFC 245 in December, Usman defeated Covington by fifth-round TKO in what was his first title defense since winning the title back at UFC 235. Due to all the back-and-forth trash talk between Masivdal, Covington, and other teammates at the American Top Team facility, owner Dan Lambert recently put in a no trash-talk rule, in which “Gamebred” Masvidal responded to.

Making an appearance on Submission Radio, Covington responded to these comments from Masvidal and said he was shocked and felt Masvidal went completely against Lambert.

“My reaction is, I was shocked. He [Masvidal] went completely against Dan Lambert’s word, Lambert put out the headline that said no talking between teammates unless you’re scheduled to fight, and Jorge went completely against his authority. So you know as Dan Lambert, I can’t even imagine how he feels towards Jorge that he just completely try to question him as a man and question his authority, and completely try and back talk him. That’s pretty embarrassing, I feel pretty bad for Jorge that he did that to Dan Lambert. I can’t even imagine that were going on behind closed doors between that.”

Covington would then go on to focus his bitter relationship with Masvidal, saying that he doesn’t buy into the recent success of the ‘BMF’ champion, saying it’s all hype and the two could be opponents one day.

“My relationship between me and journeyman Street Judas, Jorge Masvidal, is that he could potentially be competition, we’ll have to see if he makes it that far. To be honest, I’ve said what I said, he’s lightning in a bottle, he’s all hype, he doesn’t want to fight me man, we used to train together for eight years, we were best friends, we lived in an apartment together. Me and Jorge Masvidal used to fight for free, go look on YouTube, there’s literally fights where we fought in our living room, we fought for two hours straight, I made him quit, pretty much like every other training session that I made him quit. Journeyman Street Judas Masvidal does not want to fight me and that’s just facts.”

Masvidal has been rumored to get a fight with welterweight champion Kamaru Usman this summer, but with the UFC rearranging their schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s no telling when they’ll fight each other. Colby Covington believes the fight between the Usman and Masvidal won’t happen due to paycheck demands, and he’s clearly not letting go of his beef with his former best friend.



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