Colby Covington

Colby Covington says UFC fighters are paid like ‘dog s**t’ compared to WWE

John Oliver, the host of Last Week Tonight had a segment on his show where he discussed the WWE. There, he discussed whether they are employees or independent contractors. It is rather similar to the stance in UFC right now, but former UFC interim welterweight champion, Colby Covington doesn’t think the UFC and WWE are similar as UFC fighters are paid badly compared to WWE.

As well, Covington explains the major differences between the two promotions.

“I did see a little bit of it and I heard little clips of it, but you can’t even compare the two,” Covington said on Submission Radio. “I mean, WWE, they’re not making $10,000 paychecks, those guys are getting paid, man. They’re all making at least $500k plus a year minimum. Most of them are making multi-millions a year, with their t-shirt deals they’re making even more. And I’m pretty sure all those guys get health insurance and retirement benefits. We don’t get none of that sh*t in the UFC, we don’t get no health care unless we’re fighting.

“Last time I was in training camp and I broke my hand, I had to pay for that out of pocket. Like, that wouldn’t happen in the WWE. So, they don’t even compare. There’s no parallel to it, man. The UFC, we get paid like dog sh*t. It’s pennies over here, and he has no idea, man. If he came and looked into the books and really did some research into the UFC man, there’s no parallel, everyone’s getting taken advantage of in the UFC.”

Ultimately, Covington has said for some time now that he is interested in going to WWE. He could very well make that move after his UFC tenure. For now, ‘Chaos’ is expected to fight Kamaru Usman for the welterweight title later this year.

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