Dada 5000

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Dada 5000 on 2023 comeback fight and BYB 11: Brawl in Doral

Dada 5000 is the figurehead of BYB Extreme and covered several fights at the upcoming BYB 11: Brawl in Doral card on August 27th.

Dada came on Bowks Talking Bouts to touch on multiple topics. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Dada 5000

Desmond Green vs Gabriel Freyre at BYB 11 for the middleweight title

“Gabriel you know he’s a true warrior. He’s undefeated so far in BYB, bare-knuckle. Great camp over there. A great manager, great team. So do Des. So this is going to be a true fight that you’re going to be on the edge of your seat for. Because it’s been a lot of trash talking building up between the two camps. Both of these guys want to rip each other’s heads off. They’re going to go out there and they’re gonna leave it all in the ring.”

“Des is a professional, seasoned fighter. He has fought with the UFC, he has fought with Bellator. He’s fought around. He’s gonna go in there and it’s a regular day at the job for him. Gabriel is a legit warrior. He’s fought in the trenches. He says hey listen, it’s more than a fight for me. This is about me becoming a world champion. I want it badder than you do and I’m going to show the world this Saturday on August 27th in Doral. Why I will be the best in the world.”

BYB 11: Brawl in Doral

Dada 5000’s plan to fight in the BYB Mighty Trigon himself

“Gonna happen next year. I’m getting my lifestyle and everything done up as we speak. Well I started it already so yeah definitely. When you look at it, I’m the last of that original era. When you talk about the era of the big men that really put bare-knuckle fighting where it is today. RIP to Kimbo Slice…We stayed up the street from each other. So I was there as it all evolved from him fighting in the backyard to being a professional. I’ve seen what he did and we had a few chats. I told him the vision that I had to be able to create what I created on my own in the backyard.”

Dada 5000 continued, “The last fight I had was him (Kimbo) on Bellator. So for me to come back, that’s almost like when Mike Tyson came back to fight Roy Jones. For those who were younger six years ago or they were literally kids when we were doing the backyard back in ’05. It’s like they have a chance to come out and see up close and personal what this thing is really about… Once that bug bites you, I could fight one more. But once that switch gets flipped on, I may be back for a few more. The fans are the real winners.”

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