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Dakota Ditcheva on signing with PFL, Aug. 20 fight and training at American Top Team

Interview with Dakota Ditcheva above

Dakota Ditcheva (5-0) discusses her flyweight fight against Hassna Gaber (4-1) at PFL 9 on Aug. 20. Dakota also spoke about her decision to sign with PFL, what her contract entails and why she settled on American Top Team for her training camp.

“I’m waking in the morning, the sun is shining, so I’m ready to get out of bed. Whereas back home in Manchester, it’s raining, you don’t really want to get up in the morning. So that played a big part. Before I came away to the States, I was in crazy place at home, like I was a bit unsettled. Coming out here being so focused in camp, I kind of thought with 3-4 weeks left do I really want to go back home and be unsettled? Or do I want to finish my camp here. I feel in a really good space here. I don’t have to work and teach, so I can focus on myself which is a big thing.”


PFL 9 fight card:

Kayla Harrison vs. Martina Jindrová – 155 lbs
Chris Wade vs. Brendan Loughnane – 145 lbs
Ryoji Kudo vs. Bubba Jenkins – 145 lbs
Larissa Pacheco vs. Olena Kolesnyk – 155 lbs
Dakota Ditcheva vs. Hassna Gaber – 125 lbs
Louie Sutherland vs. Abraham Bably – 265 lbs
Tayo Odunjo vs. M. Iversen – 170 lbs
Ali Taleb vs. Kenji Bortoluzzi – 135 lbs
Simeon Powell vs. Nemanja Uverić – 205 lbs
Stuart Austin vs. Sofiane Boukichou – 265 lbs
Marcin Held vs. Myles Price – 155 lbs
Ali Taleb vs. Kenji Bortoluzzi – 135 lbs

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