Conor McGregor, Dana White

Dana White on how Conor McGregor gets away with more than other fighters: “He’s worth it”

It’s no secret how big of a star former UFC double champion Conor McGregor is and has become.

Whether it’s a press conference, a UFC countdown show, or an actual fight, McGregor is a reason for printing money.

In over a few years in the UFC, McGregor has almost single handedly made the UFC more money than any other star, due to him headlining some of the organizations biggest PPV cards.

And if you ask his boss UFC president Dana White, he would tell you the same thing.

As a matter fact, when White spoke on ESPN’s ‘Get Up earlier’ this week, he confessed that because Conor McGregor is such a valuable asset to the UFC, he gets away with more in the company more than his peers do.

Which would include of course not getting punished by White and the UFC for the rabid chaos he caused back in April at UFC 223 media day.

“Conor works very well with us. We’ve worked very well with him,” White said (transcript via MMA Weekly). “There are obviously certain things you have to deal with, with a Conor McGregor.”

“He’s worth it,” White added. “For example, the New York thing. The fact that he thought he could come here and have this beef with Khabib in the middle of New York City and the way that it was done, that’s obviously the craziest thing. Normal, typical stuff for Conor — showing up an hour late for the press conference.