Conor McGregor, Dana White

Conor McGregor (left) and UFC president Dana White (right) laughing at a press conference.

Dana White gives update on fighting future of Conor McGregor

There has been no talk of former UFC champ-champ, Conor McGregor returning to the Octagon. Donald Cerrone and Justin Gaethje have tried to pick a fight with the Irishman but had no luck. But, according to UFC President, Dana White, it has nothing to do with the new pay-per-view model.

“What did I say leading up to the Mayweather-McGregor fight? [That he may never fight again]. Did I not say that? And how many times has he fought since then? Once,” White said of Conor McGregor to ESPN (transcript via MMA Fighting). “Conor is in a very unique position as a fighter. He has tons of money. His whiskey business is off the charts. Conor now has the ability to be very calculated, sit back, and play the game the way he wants to. There’s so much more to this than people speculate.

“As far as Pay-Per-Views for the fighters? Not an issue. All these guys are gonna make their money. Believe me. We’re much smarter than that.”

Although Cerrone and Gaethje have had no luck, one fight that McGregor has openly talked about it is the rematch against Khabib Nurmagomedov. And, White isn’t sure if that will happen as they have to see how the Cerrone vs. Tony Ferguson fight plays out as well as the title fight.

“Conor 100 percent believes he can beat Khabib,” White said. “He wants the rematch, he feels he deserves the rematch before anybody else. So we’ve got to see how these fights play out. This weekend is a very big, important fight in that whole division and what’s gonna happen. Then in September the Khabib fight will play out in Abu Dhabi. Then we’ll see what’s next.”

“I can’t say that’s gonna happen,” White concluded. “Anything is possible. I don’t know who is gonna come out of that fight banged up, what’s gonna happen to them, and everything else, so we’ll see.”

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