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Dana White on harsh criticism of his fighters: “Most of them deserved it”

It’s been widely known for the longest that Dana White is not your “normal” MMA promoter. He isn’t politically correct, nor does he say things that people or his fighters want to hear.

During most of his tenure as UFC President, White has gone on some of the most memorable tirades concerning his fighters in the company, from Anderson Silva, to GSP, to Stipe Miocic, to Tyron Woodley, and Francis Ngannou.

Despite often getting heat from the MMA community for his inexplicable remarks towards the UFC competitors who constantly sacrifice their bodies, night in and night out, filling up his ridiculously bloated bank account, White makes no apologies.

Why not? Cause they all deserved it, at least according to White.

“Guess what, this isn’t the fun business,” Dana White recent told Fox News. (transcript via MMA Weekly). “You don’t get to go out and put on a terrible performance and act like you just did something incredible. The guys that I went after and the guys that I did that to, if you watched their performances and what happened that night, most of them deserved it.”

What do you make of these comments made by Dana White? is he right?