Best Buy, Summer Tapasa-Sataraka

Summer Tapasa-Sataraka meets UFC President Dana White at UFC 246 - Photo from

Dana White hires former Best Buy employee who stopped thief to be part of UFC security team

Earlier this year, a former Best Buy security guard named Summer Tapasa-Sataraka, made headlines when a security camera video showing the Hawaii native stopping a would-be thief in his tracks, went viral.

Tapasa used her body to stop the man from taking a TV from the store in Aiea, Hawaii. As the video made its rounds on the internet, UFC President Dana White became impressed. He was later upset when the electronics chain terminated Tapasa’s employment because of her actions.

That’s when the UFC boss offered for her to attend UFC 246 in person, and later offered her a job.

Today White went to social media to announce that Tapasa has accepted a full-time job with the UFC security team.

“Do you remember the girl Summer that worked for Best Buy as security in Hawaii?” White said. “Somebody was stealing a TV, some dude, and she beat his ass and stopped him from stealing the TV and she got fired by Best Buy, which I thought was horrible. So I brought her out to Vegas, I offered her a job here, and she went back to Hawaii, she weighed all her options.

“Well, she decided to come work for the UFC, so she is now a UFC employee. So all you people thinking about fu**ing around over here at the UFC, you get your ass whooped by Summer.”

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