Daniel Torres stripped of title after weight miss, KSW 65 weigh-in results

Daniel Torres stripped of title after weight miss, KSW 65 weigh-in results

The KSW 65 weigh-ins took place Friday morning, December 17, in Gliwice, Poland, and it proved to be full of drama.

Firstly, both Mamed Khalidov (35-7-2) and Roberto Soldic (19-3) made weight, making their Champ vs. Champ Superfight official for tomorrow night’s main event. The contest will see Khalidov defend his middleweight title against welterweight champion Roberto Soldic in a fight widely regarded as one of the biggest ever in European MMA history.

Brazil’s Daniel Torres (12-4) missed weight for his first title defense and, as a result he has been fined and stripped of the title. The bout will remain five-time five minute rounds and former champ Salahdine Parnasse (15-1-1) still has the opportunity to win the belt back in what is a highly anticipated rematch between these rivals in the co-main event of the evening.

On the undercard there was some more shuffling & changes. Patryk Likus (1-0) will now face Piotr Olszynka (6-7-1) after Hassan Shaaban, who himself stepped in on just a few days notice, couldn’t make the contracted weight and Bartosz Rewera (1-0) missed weight for his bout with Shamad Erzanukaev (0-0) and will be fined accordingly.

KSW 65 is available to watch live around the world tomorrow night, December 18, on www.KSWTV.com & the KSW App and exclusively available on Viaplay in Poland, Scandinavia, & the Baltics.

KSW 65 Weigh-In Results

Main EventKSW Middleweight TitleChampion Mamed Khalidov (83.9 kg/185 lb) vs. Roberto Soldic (83.8 kg/186 lb)

Co-Main EventKSW Featherweight TitleDaniel Torres (*66.4 kg/146 lb) vs. Salahdine Parnasse (65.8 kg/145 lb)

FeatherweightDamian Stasiak (66 kg/145 lb) vs. Lom-Ali Eskijew (66.2kg/146 lb)

HeavyweightMichal Kita (111 kg/245 lb) vs. Marek Samociuk (114.5 kg/252 lb)

LightweightRoman Szymanski (70.7 kg/156 lb) vs. Mateusz Legierski (70.8 kg/156 lb)

Catchweight 79.5 kg/175 lbAdam Niedzwiedz (79.5 kg/175 lb) vs. Miroslav Brož (79.3 kg/175 lb)

Light HeavyweightDamian Piwowarczyk (93.4 kg/206 lb) vs. Marc Doussis (93.1 kg/205 lb)

StrawweightAnita Bekus (52.2 kg/115 lb) vs. Magdalena Sormova (52.4 kg/116 lb)

Catchweight 68 kg/150 lbPatryk Likus (67.8kg/149 b) vs. **Piotr Olszynka (66.1 kg/146 lb)

BantamweightShamad Erzanukaev (60.7 kg/134 lb) vs. Bartosz Rewera (***62.1 kg/137 lb)

*Torres missed weight, stripped of title & fined, only Parnasse can win the title

**Olszynka replaces Hassan Shaaban who could not make contracted weight

***Rewera misses weight & will be fined according to KSW rules

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