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Danny Sabatello Doesn’t Think He’ll Ever Like Higo After Bellator 282

“This is a guy I just don’t like.”

Danny Sabatello (12-1) won his spot in the Bellator bantamweight Grand Prix when he bested Jornel Lugo at Bellator 278. The mic was put in front of him after that and he cut a memorable promo knowing he was going to face the number six Bellator MMA ranked, Leandro Higo next. Yes, it’s trash talk but it’s all a part of the mental warfare he likes to engage in leading up to a fight.

Sporting a “Higo Sucks” hoodie, Sabatello addressed the trash talk that seems to be helping his career as of late. 

“We <expletive> hate each other,” Sabatello said of everything up until now. “Everything changes when you fight me. That was one of my goals for this fight, to get him talkin’ sh*t and I already accomplished that. I’m already in his <expletive> head. He doesn’t understand mental warfare, because he’s an <expletive> idiot.”

Sabatello believes any attention or reaction Higo gives to anything he’s said will add to pressure for Higo when they face each other in the cage come Friday night. Sometimes, when there is any bad blood or beef between two fighters, after the fight whatever the differences were would be resolved, because they fought. However, this will not be the case for Sabatello after Bellator 282. 

“This is a guy I just don’t like,” Sabatello said. “I don’t like when people miss weight this much. Had he not missed weight a bunch of times, maybe. I would try to bury the hatchet after the fight just because it’s done, it’s settled. But with this [him], I got no excuses for a guy that misses weight. I think it’s a burden on MMA, it’s a problem in MMA that these guys are missing weight. I don’t think I’ll ever like him.”

Sabatello of course said a lot more at the Bellator 282 media day so check out the full scrum and hoodie he wore above.

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