Danny Sabatello

Danny Sabatello: “I feel like I should’ve got the contract, I dominated the guy”

I recently spoke to Danny Sabatello, who just fought on the Dana White’s Contender Series, and prior to his fight he had an outstanding record of eight wins with just one loss. I first started off the conversation on asking Danny if he should have earned a UFC contract.

”I feel like I should have got the contract, I dominated the guy, the fight. I don’t think there has been a 30-24 scorecard on the Contender Series.”

Is the UFC your ultimate goal or are you looking at other organizations like Bellator, ONE Championship, etc…?

”Of course that is the dream to be in the UFC, but since Dana said ‘no’ to me, I’m open to other options.”

How soon would you like to get back in there especially off of a dominant performance?

“I want to get in there ASAP I would fight next weekend if I could.  I walked out of that fight 100 percent healthy and I am a motivated individual who only cares about fighting. Ideally I would like to get back in there on more time before the end of the year.”

What is your biggest attribute as a fighter?

”I would say my mentality, I’m the kind of guy to sacrifice everything for my goals and dreams.”

What motivates you more coming off of a loss or coming off of a win?

”I think they’re both motivating, I’m always motivated and I look at the positives in every situation. If I loose I’m thinking that I have to be back in the gym to get better and to sacrifice more. And If I win I look at it as I’m very confident and I feel like no one can stop me. So for me it doesn’t make a difference to me.”

Why should we believe you are the next big thing in Mixed Martial Arts today?

”You know, I dominate guys. I mean even look at my last fight. I didn’t get the finish but I toyed with the guy.”

Where do you see yourself in the next five years of your Mixed Martial Arts career?

”I hope to be a world champion in the next five years, I’m a little salty right now that the UFC didn’t pick me but I’m hoping that I am in the UFC at least. But if not either Bellator, One FC etc…

I wrapped up the interview asking Danny how he got into Mixed Martial Arts…

“You know I started wrestling when I was like 4-5 years old in Illinois and I was a 2 time state champion in Wrestling and I ended up wrestling in the Big Ten at Purdue. And right after college is right when I got into MMA. I knew after my wrestling career was done that I was gonna go right into MMA.”

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