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A Heavy Brazilian Card at Karate Combat 9

Karate Combat Season 2 Episode 9 will pick up where they left off last week bringing more of their female karatekas to this series of matches under the “Neo-Tokyo” backdrop. Melinda “The Predator” Fabian from Hungary makes her Karate Combat Debut against Brazilian Karate Combat athlete Ana Luiza Ferreira Da Silva in a Brazil heavy line up.

Two Brazilian fighters face each other, both looking to see who is more worthy of the “Dragon” moniker under the Karate Combat rules. Bruno Assis, The White Dragon, faces off against Teeik Silva, the Black Dragon and with one looking to slay the other, it should make for an exciting close to your combat sports weekend.

For Assis, he says in Brazil karate is very popular. While many associate the martial art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with his country, it should not be a surprise that other martial arts are prominent there, especially if they have roots in Japan. Assis feels he can find fame through winning fights with Karate Combat. His goal is to win the “Golden Belt” title in the promotion.

Silva considers himself a spiritual fighter that, like his faith, can instill goodness in others through teaching karate, and the best way to make that known is through competition. It’s been stated before by other competitors in Karate Combat that their ruleset is the purest for all styles of karate.

Bas Rutten and Josh Palmer will be keeping fans of Karate Combat company again with the Unreal Engine generated environment. Make sure you check it out, right here on MyMMANews, beIN Sports USA, or over at Karate.com. The event begins at 7 PM EST. 

Here are tonight’s fights:

Bruno Assis vs. Teeik Silva

Melinda “The Predator” Fabian vs.Ana Luiza Ferreira Da Silva 

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