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‘Every fight could be FOTN, that’s not a selling point, that is me excited as a fan’ David Feldman speaks on BKFC 10

The fastest growing bare knuckle promotion, Bare Knuckle FC, continues its signing frenzy and looks for more success in Florida with BKFC 10

David Feldman speaks with MyMMANews

A promotion that has seen UFC talent, boxing talent and more join their ranks. Bare Knuckle FC is on the road to success coming off of arguably their most successful card, BKFC 10 has more of a hometown feel and that could read even more success for BKFC.

“I say this honestly. Any fight could win FOTN [Fight of the Night],” BKFC President David Feldman told MyMMANews. “I don’t say that as a selling point or as a CEO, I say that as a fan who is excited for this card from start to finish.”

As we have seen over and over in the big time promotions, a hometown feel for the fans on fight night is unlike any other. We could look at Nick Newell for Bellator225, Randy Costa or Joe Lauzon at UFC Boston. The crowds come out and go wild for the hometown support and for the first time ever, BKFC has the chance to bring a hometown heavy card to South Florida.

“We are so excited for South Florida, we have fought in a lot of places where we just don’t have fighters from those areas” Feldman told MyMMANews. “We have a lot of fighters ready to bang it out at home. Word of mouth from the fighters is the best form of advertisement, the fans want to see the hometown heroes come win big.”

Bareknuckle is coming off of some of their best cards in their young history and is looking to add BKFC1o to that list. Recent cards such as Knight vs. Lobov II, Lobov vs. Malinaggi, and Knight vs. Lobov I, there are some repeating themes in those headlining acts. We asked Feldman when signing former UFC talents like Jason Knight or Artem Lobov, did he ever see them as the face of the company?

“To be honest I wasn’t super familiar with Jason Knight at first. Then I watched his fights back and wow he comes to throw down. I knew Artem had an even record but I knew he brought 100% to every fight and that he had no quit in him, so I had high expectations and they’ve lived up to them.”

Feldman believes while having these big name signings, high intensity main event fights with some of the biggest names in the promotion is huge for the sport, so is growing the stable. Feldman believes that cards such as BKFC 10 are so important to grow a company, and that these are usually the cards that stand out each year.

“Growing the stable is so important. We may not have Lobov or Knight on this one, but we have a few big names, and a lot of guys that will become big names. These are those cards you look back on at the end of the year and that stand out above the rest.”

While growing the stable is important, the huge signings always help too. One big name that recently became a member of the BKFC team is Thiago Alves, the former UFC title challenger. Alves, a huge fan favorite while under the UFC promotion, was in talks with Bellator, PFL and other strong promotions, but Bare Knuckle was the winner of the sweepstakes. Alves is expected to make his BKFC debut May 16th in Miami, Florida.

“What stands out most for us is not only how big of a name Alves is, but that we were able to beat out some big time promotions” Feldman told MyMMAnews. “It speaks volumes about where we are as a promotion right now. We have high expectations for Thiago, he is a special breed and will succeed highly in this sport. His debut will be May 16th in Miami.”

In only  few years, the sport of Bareknuckle boxing has not only become a legitimate top promotion in the world of Mixed martial arts, but also been sanctioned in many states around the country. The sport is growing at a rapid rate and the Thiago Alves signing is only further proof that the sport is here to stay.

“We are being talked about more than anyone else right now. Thiago Alves was a huge star in the UFC now he has a chance to jump into our promotion and be a top face again immediately” David Feldman told MyMMAnews. “We pay well, we offer stars to resurrect their stardom. Our sport is meat in the middle and bang it out and that is why we are taking off right now for fans and fighters.”

One other reason why BKFC might be a favorite to many free agents is that it is a melting pot for boxers, MMA, Muay thia fighters and more. It attracts different types of fighters into one spot, and different advantages for each different background. One name that was a huge signing for the promotion was Paulie Malinaggi, a former boxing champion and great in the sport.

“Paulie wasn’t originally a one and done for us, it was a two and done,” Feldman exclaimed. “He was upset that he lost that decision, great fight, very close fight you could make a case for either fighter in that one. Losing put a sour taste in his mouth about us. Paulie’s hands can’t hold up in this sport, he has a history with broken hands and brittle hands so this isn’t the sport for him.”

David Feldman may not have Malinaggi or Lobov on this card, but he promises an exciting night of non stop action and insane meet in the middle fighting the whole night. A fight between the 42 year old Hector Lombard, the former UFC talent and David Mundell, an undefeated Bare Knuckle fighter (2-0) in his recent stint with the company. Catch it on Saturday, February 15th.

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