The Day After Mayweather-McGregor - Where Will World Fall After All Said And Done?

The Day After Mayweather-McGregor – Where Will World Fall After All Said And Done?

What will it be like the day after Mayweather-McGregor? Will the world have come to an end? Will we wake up?  Will life as we know it come to a halt? Will the internet have broken?

Well, unless the unlikeliest of scenarios happens and a meteor strikes the earth immediately following the fight, we know the answer.  Yes, the world will continue on after Mayweather-McGregor, but it sure does feel like we are gearing up for something gigantic doesn’t it?

Wherever you turn there is a story about the most anticipated fight in combat sports history, the August 26 boxing superfight between the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr., and UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor.

Realists would say that there is no chance in hell that McGregor win the fight.  Going into the a fight against a perfect 49-0 opponent, with possibly the best defensive movement in the history of boxing, McGregor is surely the underdog.  But what if he wins?  I mean the whole world is already talking about the fight.

Can you imagine the social media postings that are to come this Saturday during the fight?  Now take that number and multiply it by a million should McGregor earn what could be the biggest upset in sports history.  The internet will surely cripple, right?  Then what?

Did you pack a post Mayweather-McGregor survival kit?

How will we survive?

Should the world end, how will it end?  Will it be swift and painless?  Or will with a slow torturous process?

We won’t really know until after the fight concludes but I’m willing to bet that everything will turn out alright.  The event will conclude, social media will go stir-crazy but we will move on to the next spectacle.

The question is, what will that spectacle be?  First, let’s get through Saturday, and then we will worry about moving on to what they think up next.

Enjoy the fights!


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