After debut TKO win at Brave, Carlston Harris targets Fakhreddine next

After debut TKO win at Brave, Carlston Harris targets Fakhreddine next

Even though Carlston Harris is originally from Guyana, he considers Brazil to be a second home, having been living there for close to ten years. After debuting at Brave 3 with a stunning TKO over Thiago “Monstro” Vieira, Harris caught wind of Mohammad Fakhreddine’s intentions of fighting on Brazilian soil next and wants to test the Lebanese welterweight skills.

“Moçambique” says he’s been studying up on Brave Welterweights and wasn’t necessarily impressed with Fakhreddine, even though “The Latest” has two wins inside the Brave cage, both by TKO.

“I mean, he’s got good hands and he’s explosive, but I’m not impressed. I train with very tough guys on a daily basis and if he wants to come to Brazil and fight, I’m more than willing to welcome him and fight him. I’m a Brave employee and I have a goal which is to become a champion here. I’ll fight anyone, but I know me and Fakhreddine can put on a tremendous show in Brazil and a win over him will put me very close to my goal. You can expect fireworks”, claims Harris.

A bout with Fakhreddine would also be a change of pace for “Moçambique”, who claims he’s done fighting Brazilians for now and wants to test himself against foreign fighters. Hailing from Lebanon, “The Latest” would be a great second fight for Harris.

“If you look at my record, practically all of my opponents have been Brazilian. I want to fight a “gringo” next, a foreigner, someone who can ask different questions of me. I’m always ready, you know. When I enter the cage, I don’t count on luck, I count on my hard work. I want to put that work to test against a foreign fighter”, explains “Moçambique”.

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