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Decisions Led to Title Shot for Christine Ferea

Would you rather train or pursue a college degree? That was what Christine Ferea had to choose between when a coach at a local gym in northern California told her to make a decision. After thinking it over, Ferea chose to stick with the fight game over pursing a degree, and ultimately it was a great decision.

Fast forward to 2019 and Ferea now finds herself set to compete for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship’s American Championship against Britain Hart on April 6.

The road to this point has not been easy for Ferea. In fact she has had plenty of other hard choices to make along the way, like when she decided to leave her home state of California to train in the fight capital of the world, Las Vegas.

“One day I said to myself ‘I’m a fighter and I need to go a place where there’s other fighters,’” said Ferea. “From that point I made the decision to pack up and make the move to Vegas.”

Once in Vegas, the hard choices continued. The next decision she had to make was where to train. After trying out a few gyms and coaches she ended picking to train with Dewey Cooper, which she considers her best combat sports decision ever.

“His attention is purely on you. The improvements I’ve made in such a short period of time have been huge,” said Ferea. “I’m understanding everything better. Training with him is by far the best decision I’ve ever made in my whole combat career.”

With Cooper’s help, Ferea has been on a role in Bare Knuckle FC and now she has her eyes set on winning a championship. While she still has to go out and get the job done, she can already imagine what it is going to feel like to win the American Championship.

“It’s going to feel like all of my hard work paid off,” said the fighter who has previously competed for Invicta FC. “Finally all of the running, days and nights in the gym, all of the dieting and all of the sacrifice will be worth it.”

Ferea sees herself finishing Hart by TKO and she already has her next moved planned out by once again calling out former UFC fighter and current Bare Knuckle FC National Police Gazette Champion Bec Rawlings.

“It’ll be title against title so she can’t say no now,” Ferea said when asked about whether or not she will finally get the match she has been asking for.

The Hart vs. Ferea fight is set to take place at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and the fight will be live on pay per view. Former UFC fighters Artem Lobov and Jason Knight will headline the card.


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