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Devin Gibson on Albert Inclan “Don’t think he’s got enough”

The importance of one day becoming the first-ever Canadian BKFC champion

“We talk about it all the time. It’s like we’re not exactly sure like what direction like Ontario itself is going to go as far as ever allowing it (bare-knuckle boxing) in. But we hope that there’s some way to do it. I think grabbing a title in the sport and really giving it the promotion that it deserves, I think that that’s going to go a long way for opening things up around here.”

Gibson’s thoughts on the bad blood and banter with Inclan leading into their fight

“For me, I’m just having fun. I like it online because it doesn’t really get to me at all. There’s nothing anybody can really say that gets to me. He likes to talk a lot of shit. I don’t know if that’s just part of him having fun too. But he really likes to talk to everybody, it’s not just me.  I’m watching him online mouth off to fifty different people while he’s fighting me.”


Thoughts on opponent Albert Inclan’s stylistic attributes

“I don’t normally do a whole lot of study. I just, I find people, I have such an unorthodox style that people really fight me different when they get in there. So I don’t take too much away from their tapes. But I have watched Albert’s fight in the BKFC. I noticed like his gas tank was really bad. He had heart, he definitely had a chin. He didn’t go down, he took a lot of hard shots. I think the biggest thing with this is he has had a year.”

“Because he fought a year ago, he has had a year to learn, he has had a year to grow. I definitely expect to have the best version of Albert. I just don’t think he’s got enough to pull it off. I’ve had seventeen years of world-class experience. You just don’t get that in an eight-week camp.”

The shot selection and comfortability in the clinch being the biggest differences in Gibson’s game heading into this third bare-knuckle bout

“Yeah, this one for sure. That was a big thing with Albert. Of course like I think I’m going to outbox him. But Albert is not good in the clinch at all. So a big thing is to be able to box and get in on the inside. Then really put a lot of that weight on his neck. Make him be in an uncomfortable position he doesn’t want to be in.”

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