Did Kamaru Usman just offer Nate Diaz a title shot?

Did Kamaru Usman just offer Nate Diaz a title shot?

Kamaru Usman has been sitting and waiting for a new title contender to surface. Although UFC president Dana White has mentioned on more than one occasion that Colby Covington will be the next challenger for the welterweight title, Usman has not signed on. Usman has openly expressed that he doesn’t think Covington should be next and has now opened the door for a new opponent, Nate Diaz. Diaz called out Usman on Twitter and the champion took the bait.

“I see you 209. If you really want this 187 then call your boy hunter,” Usman responded.

Diaz kept the troll train rolling by addressing the fact that Usman vs. Covington was a done deal.

Things got more civilized after this when Diaz expressed that Usman was a great champ. Usman still seems interested in the Diaz fight, and why not? Diaz is a fan favorite and he brings in the crowds and money. A fight with Covington, or Leon Edwards doesn’t do the numbers that Diaz would and Usman knows it. Perhaps one reason Usman was delaying his rematch with Covington until after Diaz and Edwards fought was in hopes that Diaz would win and warrant a title shot.

Even though Diaz lost, his stock has continued to rise. Edwards on the other hand is having a hard time gaining traction. He won the fight against Diaz, but all anyone could talk about was the one minute of the bout that Diaz had him rocked. What should have been a clear path to the title for Edwards, a dominant win over Diaz, has now stalled him in the division. He has nine wins in a row (with a No Contest thrown in) and should be the clear next title contender.

This is the McGregor effect. A fighter with so much drawing power that they can push for a title shot no matter their record or ranking. Diaz should have another fight against a top-five opponent and then with a win could step up to the plate. The UFC will most likely push for Covington next, but perhaps Usman could get his wish against Nate Diaz next.


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