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Dr. Dabber: “Bringing people into the future of consumption”

Full interview with Dan Marshall of Dr. Dabber above.
On this edition of MyMMArijuanaChronicles, we speak with Dan Marshall of Dr. Dabber to breakdown all of the features and a specs of their newest release, the highly anticipated, limited edition “Suga” Sean O’Malley Switch.
Starting in 2013, Dr. Dabber has come a long way from their roots. Originally starting out with 2 individuals packing and shipping orders from their Florida garage. Dr. Dabber has since upgraded to a Vegas home base and are known for being a staple in the cannabis market.
Dr. Dabber made a huge statement crossing over into the world of combat sports, sponsoring some of the UFC/MMA’s finest. Such fighters as “Suga” Sean O’Malley, Casey Kenney, Tim Elliot, Gillian Robertson, and Gina Mazany being just a few of many that make up Dr. Dabbler’s team of sponsored athletes. You can also spot Dr. Dabber taking care of the athletes at High Rollerz BJJ; the world’s first and only cannabis friendly Jiu Jitsu promotion, as they are one of the High Rollerz’ premium sponsors.
“Suga’ Sean’s rise through the ranks, putting on for being an underdog. He came on The Ultimate Fighter show, whooped everyone’s ass, and really came through. I feel like he’s such a highly entertaining and almost explosive, exciting fighter that we really seen this guy and we really just wanted to vibe with him.” Marshall says about getting involved in the fight game. “We were able to connect with Suga a couple years ago and put out a limited-edition device with him,” he enthusiastically recalls. 
Knowing the benefits cannabis can and does provide athletes, Marshall is open discussing why they thought it was an opportune time to capitalize in the realm of combat sports. “The UFC was more receptive to athletes using cannabis as a resource or healing method, so, (we’re) definitely looking to show people the benefits of cannabis consumption,” Marshall eagerly states. “We felt like the MMA scene was a really great place to start. “Suga” Sean, who’s a really flashy guy and it was really cool to do something flashy like that limited edition Evo. Then, collabing with him again (now) on the Switch.
Delving further into the release of the Switch and the road traveled, Marshall wasn’t shy to discuss such a premium piece of hardware.
“We were a very integral part of the E-rig game,” Marshall confesses. “When the cannabis industry started blowing up around 2015, we put out the first portable E-rig, really changing the game,” Marshall continues. “Having the power to just take this little device heat it up without any torch for any fuss (and) able to take a dab right on the go…Kind of pioneering that technology into now-with the Dr. Dabber Switch!”
Tune into the interview above with Dan Marshall of Dr. Dabber to check out our exclusive one-on-one conversation via MyMMArijuanaChronicles.  Marshall discusses what goes into the thought process when they’re making their premium and quality designs.  We discuss working with “Suga” Sean O’Malley and having him as the spokesperson of Dr. Dabber as well as an overall discussion of what sets Dr. Dabber apart from the rest!
Continue reading to check out my FULL review on the new Dr. Dabber limited edition “Suga” Sean O’Malley Switch!
Contents inside the box: The Switch comes in a heavily padded, transportable, yet lavish looking and inviting box that contains the following:
•            Dr Dabber Switch limited edition “Suga” Sean O’Malley
•            Glass bubbler
•            One black (flower) w/ ceramic flower filter + one white ceramic (concentrate) induction cup
•            Pink Dab tool/carb cap (with matching pink silicone seal)
•            Silicone Dr. Dabber concentrate container
•            Dr. Dabber Tweezers
How it works/usage
Compatibility: The Dr. Dabber Switch is compatible with dry cannabis herb/flower, as well as any other solid-type concentrates (ex. wax, diamonds, honey, shatter, butter, etc.) by the simplicity and ease of flipping a switch. Flipping the switch to the left controls the concentrate, while flipping the switch to the right will be for dry herb.
Temperature settings
The Switch ranges in temperatures from an impressive 300°F to 800+°F.  However, not to worry! The Switch has an impressive 25 presets to toggle between. Although, some users may not be keen that they cannot dial in a precise temperature, the 5 LED lights on the Switch display various and useful colors to identify the different temperatures associated to a specific color.  With patience and time, there is no real learning curve or difficulty in understanding the ease of use in the Switch. Truly, innovation and ingenuity in one device. 
Vapor Quality
My favorite way to utilize my Switch is with concentrates. The Dr. Dabber Switch is truly a game changer with it’s incredibly quick heat-up time, and each hit being packed with flavor.  The included bubbler/percolator fantastically filters while cooling your hits down, delivering a flavorful but soothing hit each and every time.
Being a one-stop-shop, Dr. Dabber Switch users have a dual purpose with the Switch.  Whereas I enjoyed the concentrate side of the Switch more, I’d offer several suggestions when switching over to utilize the dry-herb aspect of the device.  While utilizing the dry-herb function of my Switch, I noticed the herb flavor tasted considerably better when being vaped on a lower temperature (the bottom 2 LED lights lit).  Another suggestion would be to buy an extra bubbler/percolator to avoid mixing your oil terps with the Rez of the flower.  If buying an extra accessory isn’t within your budget, have no worries! Cleaning and maintenance with the Switch are as simple as a snap!
Cleaning and Maintenance:
The Switch is as simple as can be when it comes to cleaning.  With so many moving parts, it may prove to be a lengthy process, but overall, an easy one and certainly worth it. The Switch itself, induction cups/filters, and glass attachments can be easily wiped with Q-tips/cotton swabs soaked in isopropyl/rubbing alcohol.
Dr. Dabber taking things up a notch in setting itself apart, the Switch comes fully loaded with a very useful “self-cleaning cycle”. Simply set the Switch to the highest heat setting by holding down the (+) button.   Once the maximum temperature is achieved, continue to hold the button down for several more seconds, initiating the self-cleaning cycle.  The Switch self-cleaning cycle can be stopped at any moment by simply pressing the power button.
(DO NOT USE self-cleaning cycle on the optional quartz nail!)
Battery life:
Users will be delighted to know that you can get up to 100 uses on a single charge from your Switch.  The Switch can be conveniently charged through an included charger, plugging directly into the wall.  Featuring a pass-through charging system, users can utilize their Switch while the device is charging, nullifying the need to wait until their device is fully charged. The Dr. Dabber switch takes only a matter of 60 minutes for its battery to fully charge and replacements are available at Dr. Dabber’s official website.  Users can always tell how much battery is left on their Switch by checking the front LED light display.  However, with the long-lasting battery life, I found from my experience that I only had to charge my device twice in the two week span of reviewing the product and utilizing it extensively! I’m sold!
Dr. Dabber proudly stands by their product, offering a 2-year warranty on every Switch purchased through Dr. Dabber.
Final Thoughts:
I love my Switch! The Dr. Dabber Switch presents their customers a premium, yet user friendly and overall fun product. The unit itself is sleek, lavish to look at, yet feels sturdy in your hands while delivering a satisfying, smooth and flavorful hit with each use.  The gorgeous LED light display is a fun feature that users can take or leave but is definitely cool to include.  Users can also easily adjust their desired LED light show display, with an option of 25 presets providing various options of visual aesthetics while utilizing and enjoying your Switch experience.
Get your limited edition “Suga” Sean O’Malley at
Dr. Dabber Switch Specifications
Dr. Dabber Switch
Mouthpiece Material: Glass
Energy Source: Power grid
Battery Capacity: 3000 mAh
Temperature Settings: 25 Settings: 300°F – 800°F
Weight: 2722 grams
Size: 25.4 x 10.1 x 10.1 cm
Chamber Material: Ceramic

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