Chris Duncan Talks Astonishing Contract Winning KO on DWCS

Chris Duncan and Lenny from MyMMANews sat down to recap his contract winning KO last week on the Contender Series.

Duncan (9-1) fought Charlie Campbell on Dana White’s Contender Series 2022: week 2, Duncan won by viscous KO in 1:43 of the first round. The Scot would earn a UFC contract the second time of asking.

Ultimately how did Duncan feel about the fight?

“When we were in the fight, he was hitting me with some good punches. He kept on swarming me, so I was trying to jab and move and circle off, he wasn’t giving me the chance. So, I just sat down on my punches and threw one-two and made sure I got my head off the center line. He was hitting me with some really good uppercuts, I needed to make sure my head was off the center, so I didn’t get hit again.”

How did Duncan know when the right hand connected it was the money shot

“Because one eye was away to the shop and one eye was getting the change. His (Campbell) eyes were crossed when he was on his way down and I was like oh hes out. In the back of my mind, I wanted a walk-off KO but I was like f**k this…I’m not going to give him a chance to get back up. The other two shots he didn’t need, he was away with the fairies.”

Duncan was announced as a contract winner after the show:

“I knew I was getting a contract..banging a guy out like that. Jesus Christ.”

During the fight Duncan got hit with some punches that momentarily rocked the Scot, but what affected him the most?

“People think I was rocked, don’t get me wrong I was. He hit me with some good shots. The biggest thing is, he punched me in the eye, and it messed up my vision. I went to the opticians on Tuesday and will be again tomorrow. There is a little bit of damage in the eye that needs to be taken care of.”

If you want to watch the FULL 25-minute interview with Chris Duncan, click the link above.

We speak:

– Fight vs. Charlie Campbell (more in-depth)
– Training at ATT
– Redemption on DWCS
– How he celebrated the win
– What is next
– Scottish MMA

Thanks Chris for giving me and MyMMANews your time.

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